Duboin’s Affaire before the Court in Turin

A few days ago Boye Brogeland revealed on BridgeWinners  and on BIN that he was involved in a legal dispute before the Italian Court in Turin.

When we asked Mr Rona to explain his view about the Duboin’s affaire, he stated that “the matter is currently before the Court in an action brought by Giorgio Duboin against various people who he believes have caused him damage”

So, what is happening?

In July, the OCBL informed Giorgino Duboin that he would be no longer invited to their online tournaments. The OCBL General Conditions of Contest state that “Participation in all OCBL Events may be subject to the advice of the CAT (Credentials Advisory Team). OCBL reserves the right to refuse players that participate in any events organised by the Online Contract Bridge League. In any such case of refusal, no reason shall be given.”

What is OCBL? “We a professional organizational network serving the World Class bridge community primarily focused on providing high-level tournaments with the utmost standards”.

What is CAT? The Credentials Advisory Team (CAT) is a private group of professionals players engaged in the fight against online cheating.

In September, Duboin filed a legal request before the Court in Turin (Italy). The request was addressed to some members of CAT. The purpose of the request was to obtain access to the evidence (played hands and/or statistics) held against him, in order to defend himself and to prove that he had not committed any ethical violations.

As far as we know, at the time of writing no libel action nor claim for damages have been filed.

The first hearing was held before the Italian Court in Turin (via video conference call) on 28th October, 2020.

The second hearing will be held on 18th November, 2020.

Updates (Dec 31, 2020): Tribunal Rules against CAT »



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