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Fisher & Schwart: ACBL Hearing postponed

05 February 2016

Leggi in italiano » Lotan Fisher e Ron Schwartz asked ACBL to postpone the hearing becuase they have the IBF hearings still pending. Therefore, the EOC (Ethical Oversight Committee) hearing, scheduled for the 2016 Spring NABC in Reno, has been postponed to the Summer […]

2016 IMSA Elite Games: Bridge Players

03 February 2016

Leggi in italiano » The inaugural IMSA Elite Mind Games (IEMG) will be held February 25 to March 3, 2016,  at New Century Hotel in Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province, China.

Lavazza hires Dennis Bilde for Nationals

03 February 2016

Leggi in italiano » After the victory in Milton Keynes (EBL Champions’ Cup 2015) and Canberra (National Open Teams Championships 2016), Maria Teresa Lavazza decided to hire Dennis Bilde […]

EBL Investigation Committee: Update (February 1st, 2016)

01 February 2016

Leggi in italiano » As reported in our previous article, Yves Aubry, President of the European Bridge League, spoke about the EBL Investigation Committee work during the NBO’s Officer Seminar, held from January 28 to 31, 2016 in Rome.

Giorgino Speaks Dutch!

01 February 2016

Leggi in italiano » “An Autumn to Remeber”, the latest article by Giorgino Duboin for Neapolitan Club, has been published on Bridge Magazine IMP, the Dutch magazine for the […]

Elinescu-Wladow Affaire: a Neverending Story 3

30 January 2016

Leggi in italiano » Elinescu-Wladow Affaire: The latest hearing was held on January 28th 2016 at the 31st Civil Court of the Landgericht in Cologne. The verdict is expected on April, 28th 2016.

Brogeland Wins 2016 Lazard Sportsmanship Award

29 January 2016

Leggi in italiano » Boye Brogeland wins the 2016 Sidney H. Lazard Jr. Sportsmanship Award. The award was established by Sidney Lazard in honor of his son, Sidney Jr., who died in 1999 after a year-long battle with cancer at the […]

European Winter Games coming soon!

27 January 2016

Leggi in italiano» Only a few days to go before the European Winter Games, Monaco is preparing for one of the most prestigious events of the 2016 calendar, with a guaranteed prize money of €150.000. I got in touch with Jean-Charles […]


26 January 2016

Leggi in italiano » 29th Mar – 3rd Apr 2016, Warsaw Marriott Hotel – next edition of the tournaments organized by BRIDGE24.PL foundation will be held. Top world and Polish players will participate. Three tournaments will be played:

Lavazza won Open Teams in Canberra

24 January 2016

Leggi in italiano » The team captained by Maria Teresa Lavazza  won the National Open Teams Championship in Canberra. In the final match Lavazza defeated the team captained by Reese Milner.

BBO InterCity League: Sofia won the fall 2015’s Edition

21 January 2016

Leggi in italiano » The Bulgarian Team of Sofia won for the second straight time the Intercity League; they defeated in final the Irish Team of Cloonboo. These are Sofia’s players: Vellislav Stefanov, Ogi Yochev, Valia Yaneva, Klimentin Nikolchev, Krasimir […]

Message from Lotan Fisher to Israelian Bridge Federation

20 January 2016

Leggi in italiano » Today the IBF Special Ethics Committee announced that the hearing scheduled for January 21, 2016 was posposned. This is the reply from Lotan Fisher:

IBF – Special Ethics Committee: Updates (13)

20 January 2016

Leggi in italiano » The IBF Special Ethics Committee (SEC) has just issued a new statement:

53rd European Team Championships 2016

19 January 2016

Leggi in italiano » The 53rd European Team Championships will be held at the Groupama Arena of Budapest (Hungary) from June 16th to 25th, 2016. 

16th European Women’s National Pairs Championships

13 January 2016

Leggi in italiano » The 16th European Women’s National Pairs Championships will be held at Groupama Arena in Budapest (Hungary) from 16th to 18th June 2016.

2016 IMSA Elite Games: new date

08 January 2016

Leggi in italiano » The inaugural IMSA Elite Mind Games (IEMG) will be held February 25 to March 3, 2016, in Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province, China. The venue  has not been announced yet.

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*Neapolitan Club

The Neapolitan Club: Outline

Posted on 16 February 2010

Leggi in italiano »

The ideas of system – The Neapolitan Club comes mainly from H. S. Vanderbilt  s Strong Club (1926)  and from the Culbertson  System (1934).   It employs sound openings and overcalling, […]

*What's on

1st European Winter Games: Press Release

Posted on 23 December 2015


Boye's War

IBF – Special Ethics Committee: Updates (12)

Posted on 05 January 2016

Leggi in italiano »

Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz filed with the SEC (Special Ethics Committee) a motion to reconsider their temporary suspension.


2016 CUBA International Bridge Open Festival

Posted on 06 February 2016

It would be an honour and a pleasure to welcome you to the XIV International Open Bridge Festival of Cuba. (December 3 – 11, 2016).

Exclusive News

2016 Italian Open Team: NO from Bocchi and Madala

Posted on 17 July 2015

Leggi in italiano »

As announced by Neapolitan Club, last June the Italian Federation (FIGB) had invited the partnership Bocchi-Madala to represent the Italian Open Team for the 2016 season: the European Championships in Budapest and the World Games (ex-Olympics) […]


Jean-Charles Allavena: “Guess the Third Pair”

Posted on 08 December 2015

Leggi in italiano »

Next February Monaco will host the first edition of European Winter Games, an event organised by the EBL in partnership with the Monaco Bridge Federation and sponsored by Pierre Zimmermann. I called Jean-Charles Allavena, President of the Monaco Bridge Federation, […]

Let's talk to the champions!

Lorenzo Lauria: “Something happened”

Posted on 16 June 2015

Leggi in italiano »

“Something happened” – Interview to Lorenzo Lauria run by Laura Camponeschi for Neapolitan Club and NewInBridge.

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Giorgino Duboin’s column

Italian style 02The Neapolitan Club staff is honoured to welcome a new illustrious contributor: Giorgino Duboin. The great Italian champion will write a series of articles mostly dedicated to his international bridge activities. Duboin's Column »

Norberto Bocchi’s column

MyWay-logoThe great Italian champion Norberto Bocchi contributes articles on a regular basis to Neapolitan Club. Norberto refers in his column ‘My Way’ to political issues which may arise in the bridge world and sometimes he describes interesting hands. Read Bocchi's column»   Read Bocchi's interviews»

Rhoda Walsh Notes

Rhoda_WalshWalsh No Trump Notes by Rhoda Walsh: a study on No Trump openings with their developments  in uncontested and contested auctions. Table of Contents »
Annotations by Rhoda Walsh on the 1 Notrump game forcing  response in the "2 over 1 game forcing system" (Walsh System).Table of Contents»

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Best articles by Paolo Enrico Garrisi: open »

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Best interviews run by Laura Camponeschi: open »

Momorizing at Bridge

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Silvio Sbarigia


SILVIO SBARIGIA is a pharmacist; he was born in Rome and lives there. He has won the European championship in 1975 with legendary Blue Team, runner up at 1974’s and at Olympic games of 1976.  Sbarigia is member of Neapolitan Club Technical Commettee. His bridge problems aren’t difficult; just we need to think on a plan and to avoid the instinctive playing. Bridge quizzes by Sbarigia »

Laura Cecilia Porro

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