Free Webinars by Krzysztof Martens

I would like to invite all Italian bridge players to my two free webinars.

                “Innovative dummy play training”

conducted by Krzysztof Martens

Webinar – dummy play mentoring.

Starts April 25, 2024. (Thursday) 7 p.m

Webinar time is not a problem. The next day after each webinar, participants will receive a Zoom recording. Everyone will be able to replay the meeting at their leisure.

Duration – 2 hours. (10 minute break).

Estimated number of sessions – at least 25.

(subsequent Thursdays at the same time)

Registration – on the website:

I ended my cooperation with Zimmermann and the Swiss team.

I am starting the project I have been working on in recent years – mentoring. I do it for myself.

Mentoring is to be a summary of my over 30 years of work as a trainer and coach of over 20 national teams.

Bridge allowed me to do what I loved in life. I love this game.

The first two webinars will be free. Everyone will be able to find out whether the level and format suits them.

Those two webinars are just the beginning.

I have planned my online mentoring sessions for two years of weekly meetings. I will cover Dummy play, Defence, and Bidding.

Best regards.


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