The CAT’s Table

The Credentials Advisory Team (CAT) is a an anti cheating committee of 8 members: Thomas Bessis (France), Boye Brogeland (Norway), Eldad Ginossar (USA), David Gold (England), Joe Grue (USA), Roger Lee (USA), Marion Michielsen (Sweden) and Simon de Wijs (Netherlands).

CAT deals with ALT and OCBL invitational tournaments and ist goal is “that participants in ALT and OCBL events have a reasonable level of assurance that steps are taken by the organisers, in so far as possible, to ensure a level playing field for all participants and that the result of their events can be regarded as meaningful.” (Boye Brogeland).

CAT  recommends who can be invited/not invited to the ALT and the OCBL (Online Contract Bridge League) tournaments and you can report suspicious hands at


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