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Starting today Neapolitan Club will publish a series of notes written for us by Rhoda Walsh on the system “2 over 1 game forcing.”  The work, edited by Paolo Enrico  Garrisi, is divided into 5 chapters, and has as its object one of the cornerstones of the entire system: 1Notrump game forcing response.  Rhoda Walsh, attorney, is a bridge theorist and champion: she’s WBF Grand Master and an ACBL Grand Life Master. She placed third in 1968 World Women’s Team; in the same year she won all three US National Women’s events: two pair events and one team event.

 7th in all time masterpoint list for women; author of “Recap Bridge”. With Paul Soloway, John Swanson, and her ex-husband Richard Walsh, Rhoda is one of the co-developers of the 2 over 1 Game Forcing System, formerly known as the Walsh System (see in “Brief history of 2 over 1 Response”).

 Neapolitan Club already published “1♣-1♦ sequences”. (click here)

Rhoda today plays professionally in tournaments with students and teaches private groups.


Walsh System Notes

 Forcing Notrump


by Rhoda Walsh




 I. General (open>>)

 II. Opener’s rebids in response to forcing notrump (open>>)

  II. §1. Opener has less than game forcing values

  II. §2. Opener has game forcing or highly game invitational values

 III. Responder’s rebids

 III. §1. Opener Rebids 2♣ or 2♦ (open >>)

 III. §2. Opener Rebids 2♥ after a 1♠ opening bid (open>>)

 III. §3. Opener Rebids two of her Opening Bid Major

 III. §4.Opener Rebids 2♠ after a 1♥ opening bid (open>>)

III. §5. Opener Rebids 2NT after a 1♥ or 1♠ opening bid

III. §6. Opener Rebids Three of a Minor (open>>)

III. §7. Opener Rebids 3♥  (open>>)

III. §8. Opener rebids three of her opening bid major

III. §9. Opener rebids three notrump

III. §10. Opener Rebids Four of Her Opening Bid Major


IV. Passed hand bidding (open>>)


V. In Competition



Paolo Enrico Garrisi has edited the English and Italian version of the original text of Rhoda Walsh.


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