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Giovanni, I want to involve a young champion like you on what we have christened the ‘affaire fantunes’ . Can you tell me your view  about the exclusion of Fantoni and Nunes from National Team  will play the next Europeans in Ostend? As many people, I’ m  disappointed that Claudio and  Fulvio  will not play at European Championships. They have always been crucial for Italian Team  and sometimes the couple in better shape.

 I do not know exactly the reasons for their exclusion. Perhaps it is not  senseless to test a  fourth pair to alternate in a  future perspective. I refer to the pair composed by Bocchi, decorated champion  like the teammates, and the young champion Madala: for him this is a  very important test of his career. However, I hope that  in World  Championships the  perfectly tested Fantunes will return to play: the type of competition (the  ko have often created problems to   ours) and the presence of Americans make the World Cup much more difficult and arduous to conquer. 

What do you think about Italian Team that will play at Ostend?

It’s good team. As I mentioned before,  the type of competition is very suitable for the keeping and technical excellence of our players.

 Can you provide more details about  Sementa  – Duboin?

 It ‘s a relatively “young” pair,  composed of two extraordinary players. I remember initially found several difficulties due to a quite different style of play, there was also skepticism about  this pair, but they  have  recently shown to have developed the needed armony to achieve highest levels that they two  deserve.

 Which of the teams that play at Ostend are the strongest and most fearsome?

 Poland, with the return of the couple Balicky-Zmudzinski back to being a respectable opponent. Norway always even with the absence of its most valuable piece Helgemo, and Holland.

 Now, let me ask you something about  Giovanni  Albamonte.  What are your future commitments?

 In the last two years I have dedicated almost exclusively to mixed with my great partner and great love Federica. Even the successes have to come, yet we are content to reach almost all the finals we could, the last two championship open pairs, mixed pairs, and especially mixed European Championship of Sanremo …. and we  continue to insist … 🙂

 You’re a young player, can you tell me a player  that inspired you or you appreciate most,  and why?

 I must say that here in Italy we are fortunate to have great players .  Italian declarative technique is unrivaled in the world. I had the pleasure of playing with Alfredo Versace when I was a  juniores: he was already a great champion, great technique combined with an unrivaled presence to the table.

 And finally, our site is dedicated to the Neapolitan Club: What do you think of this? Sbarigia told us when Chiaradia’s system  was introduced revolutionized the bridge but now is a bit dated: do you agree?

 It ‘s a system that I know just reading it, I miss the experience of the table. I know it had a big hit in its infancy but I think is right to call it now “dated”. Natural-based systems today are most effective for me.

 Thank you for availability, will you  help us to comment on  the European Championships?

Gladly, the best bridge  of Europe will play and  I believe for every fan will be a pleasure to follow.

Perfect. It ‘ s an honor and a pleasure to collect your contribution to our young website!


Giovanni Albamonte
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