Norberto Bocchi’s interviews (6): Ilaria Saccavini

Bocchi - Saccavini

Taking advantage of the 4th International Open Bridge of Barcelona,  an international player, the WGM Norberto Bocchi realized some short interviews with the best bridge players participating in the event for CSBNews. Now online his interview to the Italian champion Ilaria Saccavini.

Norberto Bocchi interviews Ilaria Saccavini

Norberto Bocchi:  How have you been captured by bridge?

Ilaria Saccavini: I have been playing bridge since I was 22 yo. When I started playing I thought it was a good game for my old age!


 NB:  Which system do you play with your partner?

IS: V major with many gadgets I learned from Lauria, Versace, Garozzo and you.


NB: How would you describe your bridge style?

IS: I play a very regular style but my bridge is not submissve at all.


NB: Which is the first bridge book you read?

IS: “Tickets to the Devil”  by Richard P. Powell.


NB: Is there a player who influenced your game?

IS: Fabio Rosati.  He is my ex-husband who dead and every Italian player still rememebers and mourns him.


NB: Which is the best quality a partner can have?

IS: The best partner is the one with whom you have a certain complicity and that is a solid one.


NB: Which is your favourite tournament?

IS: European Team Championships.


NB: What is your most memorable happy moment at the bridge table?

IS: Od course the silver at European Championships in Pau with the Italian Women Team.


Paoluzi, Saccavini, VersaceNB: Apart from your regular partner, who would you like to play with in an important tournament?

IS: Alfredo Versace (mixed pairs) and Catherine D’Ovidio (Women).


NB: Which teammates would you like to have?

IS: Bocchi – Madala and Noga and Dana Tal (from Israel).


NB:  Is there anything you do to avoid bad luck at the bridge table?

IS: Anything!


NB: Some authors outside the bridge?

IS: I read many detective stories.


NB:  Are you a sports fan, e.g. football?

IS: I like skiing and I’m an A.S. Roma supporter (football).


NB: Which is your favourite actor?

IS: Daniel Day Lewis


NB: What do you do in your spare time when you are not playing bridge?

IS: I’have three children: I’m a Mom!


Muchas Gracias, Ilaria!

Adios y hasta muy pronto



February 6, 2013

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