Italian Trials: A Letter to FIGB President

Carlo Bortoletti is the Captain of Bortoletti Team, one of the team registered at the Italian Open Trials for Bermuda Bowl.

Team Bortoletti line-up: Carlo Bortoletti, Dano De Falco*, Paolo Clair, Giovanni Genova, Fulvio Fantoni, Massimo Moritsch.

Yesterday Mr Bortoletti send a letter to FIGB President

Dear President,

Fulvio rang me yesterday and, demonstrating exceptional sensitivity, told me that if he got selected, he would want me to decide whether he’d take part in the Bermuda Bowl.

Italy will be the host country so it is in everyone’s best interest to guarantee that the competition is successful.

I thanked him for this honourable approach. Even though losing a unique champion would be tough for the team, I told him that if he got selected (unlikely but possible) and if this could not be resolved by the institutions, I would suggest him to step back. I know for sure that he would accept my recommendation.

I share this because I believe that knowing Fantoni’s plan can support a more positive atmosphere around the selections. And by the way, most players who will take part in the selections have already played against Fantoni in the recent festival in Salsomaggiore and will play against him in the next championships. Moreover, other players who have been penalised in the past could take part in the Bermuda Bowl.

Since this is important I am happy to share this publicly and the Federation can share this far and wide.

Kind regards

Carlo Bortoletti

September 1, 2021


* Yesterday Dano De Falco said to Neapolitan Club he is about to find out the FIGB Credential Committee’s decision. At the moment he does not intend to play in the Team Bortoletti as it currently stands.

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