2012 Lederer Memorial Trophy: the “Holders” win again

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2012 Lederer Memorial Trophy: the “Holders” win again. Congratulations to Mike Bell, Michael Byrne, Espen Erichsen, Norman Selway, Neil Rosen, Martin Jones: They are the winners of the 2012 Lederer, played at Young Chelsea Bridge Club (rumour has it’s “One of the world’s great bridge clubs”). Second place for Young Chelsea: Nicola Smith, Colin Simpson, Sally Brock, David Price, Kitty Teltcher. This is the complete ranking:

1st Holders 267

2nd Young Chelsea 240

3rd Crockfords Cup 230 (Alexander Allfrey, Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester, David Bahkshi,Peter Crouch)

4th Shapiro Spring Foursomes 218 (Glyn Liggins, Joe Fawcett, John Holland and Ben Green)

5th President’s Team 217 (Bernard Teltscher, president of the London Metropolitan Bridge Association (LMBA); Tony Priday, Victor Silverstone, John Matheson, Willie Coyle, Gunnar Hallburg)

6th All Stars 190 (Zia Mahmood, Fredrik Bjornlund, Hugh McGann, Tommy Garvey)

7th Gold Cup 166 (Peter Lee, Frances Hinden, Jeffrey Allerton, Graham Osborne, John Howard and Andy Bowles)

8th The Colonies 152 (Howie Weinstein, John Carruthers, Joey Silver, Milt Rosenberg)

To tell the event we have chosen some of the photos that the author, Mr Gordon Rainsford, kindly wanted to share with us.


Victor Silverstone of President Club: unsatisfied with Declarer’s playing?











Jeffrey Allerton states unquestionably that he’s the holder of the powerful 10













Squeezing: John Carruthers is watching at the fall of the isolated menace’s guard.







Mr Brian Callaghan– Where on the earth has been hidden the Chiaradia’s Neapolitan Club book?!




Lederer 2012 – ‘Play with the Stars’ Club Results – Top 8 Pairs

Play with the star Tourney results (first eight pairs in both lines; in brackets, the bridge club where they come from):

Sheila Peers & Brian Peers (Roehampton) 56
Charlotte Pole & Penny Burrough (Andrew Robson BC) 37
Maira Wiehe & Rita Jones (Roehampton) 37
Barbara Robb & Patricia Thomas (Andrew Robson BC) 34
Deborah Findlay & Simon Clark (Andrew Robson BC) 29
Allyn Zulver & Sara Brown (Andrew Robson BC) 26
Charles Hunter & Ann Kemp-Gee (Hurlingham) 24
Denis & Emma Cross (Hurlingham) 21

Robert Mundy & Marina Grose (Andrew Robson BC) 49
Keith Clow & Angus Simpson (Andrew Robson BC) 29
Sarah Hollington & Shahina McKelvie (Hurlingham) 27
Gerry Woods & Richard Bawley (Andrew Robson BC) 24
Linda Parsonage & Bernard Buckley (Andrew Robson BC) 24
Patti Gamble & Nicky Cannon-Brookes (Andrew Robson BC) 9
Antonia Sharpe & Diana Sulimirski (Hurlingham) 7
Anne Bell & Ron Wood (Roehampton) 7

Marina and Robert, E-W line winners. (Behind them there is Joey Silver, of Colonials Team, trying to do something with something he has in hands)

Sheila and Brian, N-S winners. (Joey has successfully opened the beer bottle)


All the pictures published here are courtesy of Mr Gordon Rainsford. Thank-you Gordon for your precious help!

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October 2, 2012




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