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Statement from the CBAI on Cheating

The Contract Bridge Association of Ireland (CBAI) has posted the followings:

This document was sent to all the CBAI virtual clubs today, and we encourage all players to read it.

The virtual club organisers and Tournament Directors have been asked to ensure that all players are aware of which actions at the virtual table are acceptable and which are not.

The CBAI will not tolerate cheating in any form of the game, online or in-person, at any level of competition, and any participant in a CBAI event or a CBAI virtual club event found guilty of cheating will be subject to sanctions, up to and including expulsion or suspension, along with the prospect of being named publicly. Club organisers or Tournament Directors are asked to investigate any allegations of cheating locally in the first instance, to ensure that their investigations remain confidential, and to report any instances where they believe there is a case to answer to CBAI Head Office, which will undertake a full investigation of the allegations. Local investigators are reminded that a body of evidence is required before an allegation of cheating should be advanced; an unusually good result on a single hand may be due to any number of factors – a misclick, good luck, a bidding misunderstanding, a poor bid that turned out well, etc.

In addition, all participants in CBAI events or CBAI virtual club events MUST provide their real name within their identifying profile; preferably both names, although a first name will suffice.

Finally, anyone playing in a CBAI event or a CBAI virtual club event MUST be an affiliated member of the Association. The only exceptions are players from other jurisdictions who are entitled to play because of reciprocity arrangements. If a club is currently open to visitors, the club organiser is responsible for ascertaining that any visitors are affiliated members of the CBAI and have provided their CBAI affiliation number.


Source: CBAI

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