Italian Trials: De Falco and Bortoletti’s letters to Italian Federation

This morning Mr Bortoletti (Captainn Team BORTOLETTI) and Dano De Falco (player)  sent a mail to Italian Federation (FIGB):

Bortoletti’s Letter:

I am reading on the federation’s website that my team has been excluded.

However, no official statement or communication has been sent to us. Unofficial statements have been attributed to De Falco, which by the way only say he was waiting for the Credentials’ Committee’s decision.

I sent a letter to the Federation, which was drafted together with President Ferlazzo: I have a copy of our email exchange, in which he makes suggestions for edits to the first drafts. I had hoped this letter would create a more positive atmosphere around the selections.

If the Committee does not immediately review its arbitrary decision to exclude my team, I will for sure get the lawyers on the case.

Carlo Bortoletti

September 6, 2021

Dano ‘s Letter:

Dear President

I saw on the Federation’s website an official statement by me about the selection.
I have never made such a statement. I was merely waiting for the Credentials’ Committee’ decision. In light of that decision, I have decided to play in the event, as per my agreement with Captain Bortoletti.
Kind regards
Dano De Falco
September 6, 2021

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