2021 Italian Trials: Credential Committee Decision

The FIGB (Italian Federation) Credential Committee met on 2nd and 5th September to assess the teams’ registrations for the World Championships selection. The Credential Committee did not find any eligibility issues.

However, following the letter sent by Mr Bortoletti (team captain) and De Falco’s public statement (team player), the Committee has not allowed team BORTOLETI to play because in case of victory there would have been unsurmountable issues for the open team.

On the 1st of Semptember  Dano De Falco said to Neapolitan Club:  “I am  about to find out the FIGB Credential Committee’s decision. At the moment I do not intend to play in the Team Bortoletti as it currently stands”.

So, the participating teams are: VINCI, BURGAY, ZALESKI, DE MICHELIS.

The Trials for the selection of the team that will participate in the 45th World 2021 Bridge Team Championships (Open Teams, Bermuda Bowl)  will be held from 16 to 19 September 2021


source: FIGB

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