Eric Laurant Speaks About Duboin’s Case

In his latest video- interview, posted in the ALT NEWCO 1 Bullettin, Jan van Cleeff asked a couple of questions about Duboin’s Case to Eric Laurant, Chairperson of the WBF Investigation Committee.

JVC – There is a very interesting case which was recently dealt with by the Court in TurinThere were serious allegations but Giorgio Duboin has succeeded in fielding those and now the case has come to a deadlock because the Italian Bridge Federation will not take any action. What is the WBF stance on the matter? It is rather delicate because Duboin is a member of the WBF Hith Level Players Commission and he is even a member of the WBF Executive Council. What is your theory here?

EL –  Two things: The serious allegations were made on an article on Bridgewinners. The Court case was against two players who were members of CAT. Those two are quite different. Of course it is a difficult situation: the WBF Investigation Committee is not investigating against him because we didn’t not receive an official complaint or request for that. In the first instance it should be the Italian Federation investigating… If you say they will not take any action that is news to me. I didn’t hear anything about it for the moment but i am not the right person now to say what will happen. If the case comes up, what will happen is that we have to talk to the potential prosecutor with the General Council and we have to discuss whether this is the case. This question didn’t come up yet so for us it is a deadlock and no news yet.

JVC – So you are saying that the position of Duboin as a member of the High Level Players Commission and Executive Council is not in danger…

EL – I cannot comment on that. I really do not know. The best person to ask is Duboin, what he thinks of the situation, or the President of the WBF.


Full interview is available at ALT NEWCO 1 Bullettin »

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