England and Scotland win the Lady Milne Trophy

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England and Scotland win the Lady Milne Trophy, and so much for our poetic-numeric forecast of this afternoon. In the fourth match Ireland – that we thought they could win – had a disaster against NIBU (North Ireland Union): 7-23 VPs. England beat Scotland, but only 16-14, so the Scottish Ladies became favourites. This was the scoring after the fourth match:


(from http://bridge.silvertexter.eu/results/1O3.TXT by Diarmiud Reddan)


Scotland 72, England 64, Ireland 64, NIBU 55, North Ireland 50, Wales 48.

In the fifth match (last), England crashed NIBU (25-3), Scotland prevailed over Wales (17-13): so England crashed the other part of our afternoon forecast too: “…England is not so far from the top, just looks difficult to rescue over two teams”

This is the final standing: England and Scotland 89 (in alphabetic order, both winners), Ireland 84, North Ireland 62, Wales 61, NIBU 56.

First tie in Lady Milne’s story: both teams will be awarded. A spectator commented: I have to say this is the most exciting Lady Milne I’ve ever seen.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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