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Sofar Italy is plainsailing through the round robin of the Bermuda Bowl. After two days of play the pre-tournament favourite is on top of the leader board with 126 VIPS followed by the hosting country The Netherlands (116) and Israel (112). The Italians won all their matches except for two draws, against China and against Iceland. In the match against China Norberto Bocchi excelled with a brilliant lead.




This way he and his partner Agustin Madala were the only pair that defeated 1NT. Looking at the diagrammed board as North you have to find a lead after:


1        pass    1♠     pass

1NT          all pass

On viewgraph Barry Regal as a commentator jokingly suggested to kick off with the CQ, but corrected him self to the H5. In fact that was the lead occurred on almost every table. Even less mortals as your editor would do the same. On a heart lead declarer had an easy road to seven tricks, developping a diamond. 

Norberto Bocchi however led a magnificent SK leaving declarer without a chance. Down one and a true Hand-of-the-day. Italy won five IMPs on the board when at the other table Giorgio Duboin had an easy ride to seven tricks after the heart lead against the same contract.

Neapolitan Club asked Norberto Bocchi about his killing lead. Italian ace answered: “My lead may be considered courageous and technical as well. I thought the opponents could have a 4-2 or 4-1 distribution in spades. In fact the bid 1NT with spades singleton is not uncommune. All needs luck of course, but this lead is the result both of exeperince and intuition”.



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