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Boye Brogeland (Elisabeth van Ettinger) 200Today BridgeWinners has published the following announcement:

Four members of the team that won the 2014 Spingold and Reisinger (Boye Brogeland, Allan Graves, Espen Lindqvist, and Richie Schwartz) have announced their intent to vacate their titles from 2014-5 that they won with Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz.  A comment that Brogeland posted on Bridge Winners earlier today:

If you have a cheating pair on your team, I believe you should lose whatever Masterpoints, Seeding points and titles you have won together. The Schwartz team from the two previous cycles (Richie Schwartz, Allan Graves, Espen Lindqvist and Boye Brogeland) has decided to give up the Spingold Trophy, the Reisinger Trophy and the North American Swiss [ed: they won the 2015 Jacoby Swiss, not the NA Swiss] that we “won” in 2014 and 2015. We believe in a clean game and we love bridge.


Personal calls to Allan Graves and Richie Schwartz confirm Brogeland’s comment. Graves was quoted as saying he “wholeheartedly supports this action.”


The decision to vacate the bridge titles won with Fisher and Schwartz has been made following a resounding campaign, started by Boye Brogeland on Bridge Winners.

At the end of the Summer Nationals, held in Chicago between the 6th and 17th of August 2015, Boye Brogeland announced that there was going to be a scandal so big that “The Scandal in Buenos Aires (Reese-Schapiro) is peanuts compared to what’s coming out “ [BridgeWinners 22nd of August].

Jan van Cleeff has written at NewInBridge: Boye Brogeland, who initiated this unprecedented action, is convinded that two players from the afore-mentioned team of Richie Schwartz – Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz – are cheating. Mr. Brogeland states that he discovered this right after he played AGAINST Fisher and Schwartz, who nowadays play in the team of Jimmy Cayne, in the quarter finals of the Spingold KO at the 2015 Chicago Summer NABC. When asked how he could be so sure Mr. Brogeland responded that shortly a large number of hands will be published as a proof: “When I checked the BBO records, it was opening Pandoras Box.” Mr. Brogeland states that before this quarter final he had no idea about cheating: “There were only rumours.”


To follow the debate on BridgeWinners:


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