2012 Italian Club Team Championships: Madala’s daring double

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2012 Italian Club Team Championships – The diagrammed board is from the semi-final between Allegra Torino (Lavazza Team) and Val di Magra (La Spezia).

When Andrea Manno opened with a weak NT, Massimo Lanzarotti bid 3NT, an ultra agressive raise on a ten count only. The double by South, Agustin Madala, asked for an unusual lead. This was the only way he could bring AQJ105 of hearts into the picture. North, Norberto Bocchi, obviously found the heart lead. To preserve communications Madala played the Jack. Manno correctly ducked this trick and now was in the position to make his contract finessing DJ and cashing the black suits.

South continued with HA and another heart. Manno realised that the DA was likely to be in North, as South was  a passed hand. He planned to finesse DJ but was short of entries to dummy. Little did he know about the club position. He therefore played a spade to the ten… NS +800. At the other table EW made 1NT with two overtricks. Madala’s daring double gave Allegra 14 IMPs. 


Jan van Cleeff for Neapolitan Club and NIB

September 28, 2012

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