2010’s Europeans – Silvio Sbarigia’s opinion about Open (I part)

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Silvio, Italy is starting to play a crucial match against the Poland. What do you think on that? Despite some bad momentum, the Italy has been a very good team. I must say that Bocchi-Madala have worked very well.

Madala is very young and has paid his lack of experience; he has made some “youthful sin”, then forgivable, but he also has made many excellent coups: do you remember when he hasn’t defended with a seven card suit, in favourable vulnerability? Anyway, the boy has done very well: very fine coups as declares and as defender. On the other way, Bocchi has confirmed to be a sound, clever, experienced player. All in all, the pair Bocchi-Madala has offered a good performance.

 What about Lauria-Versace?

Lauria-Versace have been two rocks, as used. They have mistaken against the France: two unbidden slams, and one was cold…maybe a system fault, but all in all the pair is always of utmost level.

 And Duboin-Sementa?

Well, they have had some pause, or maybe some misunderstanding, but always in an excellent level of playing. Besides, if we have ranked so high is because we have the strongest players. Italy is heading and deserves it; they have made a great performance, but a spot, maybe: the match against Croatia [Italy has lost 5-25 that match].

 How do you explain that defaillance?

You see, sometime we play breezily and after we become as Don Falcuccio [roman slang: have a double losing, then being forced to use both the hands for cover the nakedness, back and forth]. They believed had no problems and instead they have risked very much.

 But, at the end, we can forgive that default, isn’t it?

Sure we can. However, professional players shouldn’t take the liberty of such “poetic licence”. I think they have became a bit nervous and Duboin-Sementa haven’t played with their skill. I think that the problem has came from the lack of concentration. What I regret is that these inaccuracies could cause international criticism on the team.

 Which forecast you feel you can say?

This is a very good team and the performance, until now, has been very good. Now, only we ourselves could lose this championship. We are the strongest, if we don’t do imprudence…in Europe we have always won. Only in the world championships we could face a stronger team: the Americans. If there is no fool and no misfortune happens, in Europe we are favourites. On the paper, aren’t opponents stronger than us, and the story of Italian team teaches that only the Americans could beat us.

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