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Piekarek Smirnov: EBL Disciplinary Commission Decision (full text)

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ebl bannerThe European Bridge League (EBL) has just posted the Decision (full text) of the Disciplinary Commission on Piekarek – Smirnov case.

The Disciplinary Commission of the EBL has concluded that Josef Piekarek and Alexander Smirnov have been guilty of infractions of the laws of bridge. Accordingly, they have been banned from playing together for life, and are separately prohibited from playing in any EBL events or activities for a period of 4 years. Full Text Decision »


Now we can read an excerpt of the confession which explains the cheating method:

“We decided to communicate additional information on the strength of our own hand by positioning the bidding cards on the tray. The size of the tray sometimes gives the opportunity to place the bidding cards in different ways. We did not invent this method of communication, we copied it and took it over. We did not enjoy playing this type of bridge from the beginnmg, so we did not include it in our System. We have used it only sporadically, especially when we played against pairs / teams where we knew / suspected that they were not playing cleanly  against us.”

Piekarek and Smirnov  exchanged information through prearranged methods of communication during the following EBL events: EBL European Championships 2014 in Opatja, Croatia; EBL 13th European Champions’ Cup 2014 in Milan, Italy; EBL European Championships 2015 in Tromso, Norway.

The four years ban for Piekarek and Smirnov starts from June 14, 2016 (date of Decision). A synthesis of the EBL Decision was posted on June 19, 2016: click here »





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