Youth Italian Teams for Albena: Carlo Carpentieri’s view

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Scrolling through the list of the Youth Italian Teams for Albena,  I realized that all the pairs have more or less an adequate résumé. I have little knowledge of the under-21 representative but a few names best known for their parents. About the juniors (under 26)  I must admit that no better selection could be made: all pairs are well run and there are all champions in bud except one, Agustin Madala,  player already famous in the world.

I’m sorry Alessandro Gandoglia was not taken into account, but I recognize that he has done little to find a worthy partner: He must learn to know how to handle himself but he is young and has all the time to improve.

I know very well the Girlst thanks to extensive work made by Emanuela Capriata  in our bridge school (Bridge Eur Club of Rome): Giorgia Botta, who affectionately I call the “Pasionaria”, has a great temperament; Margherita Chavarria is more mature and wise than the other girls and already has quite a talent and above all a good setting; Flavia Lanzuisi is a very rational person but the less experienced because she does not have any background in contrast to the other bridge player. Anyway  I recognize an impressive evolution in recent times and I think Flavia has plenty of room for improvement.

 Unfortunately I do not know very well  girls  other (Caterina Burgio, Margherita Costa and Stefania Morina), but I’m sure the selectors have chosen the best considering all the technical and psychological components.

I wish these hopefuls young player a great career and great success in Albena.

Carlo Carpentieri

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