WBF: German champions guilty of reprehensible conduct

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WBFThe German player Michael Elinescu and Entscho Wladow have been found guilty of reprehensible conduct by a special Commission instituted by the World Bridge Federation. The facts are related to the 2013 World Championships in Bali, where Elinescu and Wladow won the gold medal in Seniors’ category (D’Orsi Bowl).

In the report of the Disciplinary Commision of WBF held in Dallas on 21st and 22nd March 2014 is written:

“We are sure that Michael Elinescu and Entscho Wladow are guilty of a of reprehensible conduct […] We are sure that Michael Elinescu and Entscho Wladow sistematically communicated with each other by choughing to convey information os shortage in a suite and also by coughing to suggest a preferred lead.”

Thus, “The Commision imposed the following sanctions upon them :

a. Elinescu and Wladow shall be banned from playing together in any WBF organised championship or competition for life;

b. Elinescu and Wladow shall be each individually banned from playing in a WBF organised championship or competition for a period of 10 years;

c. Elinescu and Wladow are ordered to pay the costs of this hearing […].”

The two German players had been invited to come before the Disciplinary Commission, but they didn’t go.

No official statement has been yet released by German Bridge Federation. So far we do not know if the WBF will strip the Gold Medal to Germany.

Here you can read full Report and Ruling of the Hearing of the WBF Disciplinary Commision: click here»

The Elinescu – Wladow Affaire: Extract of the WBF Ruling of the Hearing: click here »





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