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The Elinescu-Wladow Affaire: Extract of the WBF Ruling of the Hearing

Posted on 29 March 2014

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WBFExtract of the Ruling of the Hearing of the WBF Disciplinary Commission held on 21st and 22nd March in Dallas. Due to a complaint made to the proper officers of the WBF duringthe match of the final of the d’Orsi Senior Trophy, played by the German Team against the USA 2 Team, in the World Championships held in Bali in September 2013, an investigation into alleged improper conduct by Michael Elinescu and Entscho Wladow, playing for Germany, was instigated by the WBF Prosecutor.

Following that investigation a charge was laid against Michael Elinescu and Entscho Wladow alleging that they had breached Law 73B of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge. It allegedthat they had illicitly communicated information to each other in respect of shortage of cards in a specified suit and suggested that a specified suit be selected on certain hands when their partner was to make the opening lead.

The WBF Disciplinary Commission was convened in accordance with the provisions of the WBF Disciplinary Code adopted by the Executive Council in October 2011 and the Disciplinary Hearing was held on 21st and 22nd March 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas.

Having heard and considered the evidence the Disciplinary Commission determined that Michael Elinescu and Entscho Wladow were guilty of reprehensible conduct as defined within the WBF Disciplinary Code. The decision was based solely on the admissible and relevant evidence that was provided to the hearing and proved that Michael Elinescu and Entscho Wladow systematically communicated with each other by coughing to convey information of shortage in a suit and also by coughing to suggest a preferred lead. These communications were intended to obtain an unfair advantage and were contrary to the spirit and laws of the game of bridge. They offended against Law 73B and that amounted to reprehensible conduct.

Having found Michael Elinescu and Entscho Wladow guilty of reprehensible conduct the Disciplinary Commission imposed the following sanctions upon them:

  1. Michael Elinescu and Entscho Wladow shall be banned from playing together in any WBF organised championship or competition for life;

  1. Michael Elinescu and Entscho Wladow shall be each individually banned from playing in a WBF organised championship or competition for a period of 10 years.

For the avoidance of doubt the Disciplinary Commission made it clear that no wrong doing is found or suggested against the German Bridge Federation or any of the other members of its team that participated in the d’Orsi Senior Trophy at World Championships in Bali.

According to art.5 of the Disciplinary Code to appeal against the Commission’s decision, a written request to the WBF Secretary must be submitted within 20 days of notification of the aforementioned decision. This request must specify in detail the reasons for the appeal, indicate the desired redress and state whether an Appeal hearing is requested.

Full Ruling of the Hearing of the WBF Disciplinary Commission: click here »

source: WBF


 Elinescu-Wladow Affaire: Hear from the Defense »



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