Spring 2011 NABC – Vanderbilt Cup: KO Teams Round of 64

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Spring 2011 NABC – Vanderbilt Cup: KO Teams Round of 64. Gods love the heroes that fall fighting in battles they never could win, as the three hundreds of Spartans in Thermopylae, the two hundreds of Texans in Alamo, and the thirty two teams that yesterday in Louisville faced too strong adversaries. Gods today love Pamela from Naperville, Illinois; Larry from St Paul, Minnesota; Che Ho from Madison, Wisconsin; Vijay from Cincinnati, Ohio, Stan from Lake Oswego, Oregon, and the others that had to lower one’s head before Diamond, Nickell, Zimmerman, Cayne, etc. But the colossuses didn’t all win without trembling: Stefani was only -1 after 32 boards, and against Diamond, mehercules!

Looking up the casualties list, also we see strong names: Rose Meltzer was defeated by Hansa Narasimhan, but it is not so surprising if we remember that Hansa won 2007 Venice Cup. On the contrary, a true surprise is the fall of Joyce Hampton against Thomas Charmichael: in Joyce’s team played Sabine Auken, Daniela Von Arnim, Benedicte Cronier, Sylvie Villard. These four ones were the protagonists of the last sixteen deals battle in 2001 Venice Cup final: that story has been written by the same Sabine Auken in “I love this game”.

 Other two champions from Europa that earlier on have to cross back the ocean are the Italians Dano De Falco and Gabriella Olivieri, defeated by Paul Lewis.

A great match has been the one lost by Sheri Winestock and Renee Mancuso against R. Welland, C. H. Welland, S. Garner, H. Weinstein, A. Smirnov, J. Piekarek.

One of the larger wins has been the one of George Jacobs: 235-79. Translating the numbers in bridge imagines, it means that every two boards Jacobs’ Team bid and made a game the opponents didn’t bid, once love, once vulnerable; and that every board only they conceded an overtrick or slight more. For knowing how such a result arose, it suffices see the winning team’s names: Jacobs, Beatty, Sadek, Elahmady, Ferraro, Bocchi.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

2011 Vanderbilt KO Teams Round of 64 : Scoreboard


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