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“I love this game” reviewed by Paolo Garrisi

Posted on 16 December 2009

 Sabine Auken   – I love this game

 Take any deal…which ones? Any, we say: if you like the Strong Club opening, take a powerful eighteen points deal; are you an odd-even Attitude carding? Get only odd cards in the suit where you would encourage; are you a very aggressive player? Take a two suited deal with only one point: that’s enough for a pretty overcall – for you. And so on.

Done? Well, now ask yourself why you play Strong Club, or why you play odd-even, or why you play aggressive overcalls – and so on – and let’s know the responses. Done this too, start a journey around the World and look at what other champions do: ask those players that do not think as you why they do not. Done also this, show us, please, the results that you have obtained walking on your way, and what happened to others. Aren’t you able to do all this? Well, we can solve the problem: read this book of Sabine Auken; she did. Sabine shows, in this manner, the last sixteen deals played in the thrilling final Germany vs France of 2001 Venice Cup, held in Paris; and she has persuaded us that the title, “I love this game”, is the right one.


Sabine Auken nee Zenkel, “I love this game”, 2006 Master Point Press – Toronto. VIII + 207 pages.

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