2013 June: Bridge World News

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Giorgia BottaItaly – The Italian Junior Team for the 3rd World Youth Open Bridge Championships have been registered: Giorgia Botta (playing captian), Margherita Chavarria, Massimiliano Di Franco, Gabriele Zanasi. The 3rd World Youth Bridge Open Championship will be held at The Hyatt Regency Hotel, Atlanta (GA, USA) from the 3rd to the 11th August, 2013.  The event is organised by the World Bridge Federation (WBF) in cooperation with the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) & United States Bridge Federation (USBF) with the support of ACBL District 7 & MABC.  (read article >>)


seymon-deutschUSA – Seymon Deutsch passed away. He was one of the greatest bridge player in the world and won prestigious national and international titles: Rosenblums, World Team Olympiad , 3 Vanderbilts, Spingold. In 2007 he won the Sidney H. Lazard Jr Sportsmanship Award: a decoration limited to top players and given to thosewho win with class and dignity. Seymon was born in 1935 in Laredo, Texas: he was a rancher and a merchant, and fond of hunting and skiing.(Picture by Peg Kapkan)


usbfUSA –  The Team Kranyac added Bobby Levin and Steve Weinstein as the third pair for Bermuda Bowl 2013. Thus, USA1 consists of Gavin Wolpert, John Kranyak, Kevin Bathurst, Kevin Dwyer, Steve Weinstein, and Bobby Levin.



BobRichmanAustralia – Bobby Richman passed away. He was one of the greatest Australian bridge player: his biggest success representing Australia was 3rd in the 1979 World Championships behind the Italians and Americans – as high as Australia has ever come. Bobby passed away on June 7 in Hong Kong were he was preparing for the Senior Cup teams as a member of the Australia Klinger team at APBF Championships. He was due to represent Australia at the upcoming World Championships in Bali in September.(read here a short profile of Richman: http://www.abf.com.au/master/richman.html)


 Assael (1)Turkey – Geir Helgemo and Tor Helness from Norway won the first Salvador Assael Memorial Bridge Tournament. Secon place went to Tony Forrester and Andrew Robson from England. The Italian stars Agustin Madala and Antonio Sementa grabbed the third place. The event took place in Cesme (next to Izmir, Turkey) 1-6 June 2013. ( read article >>)


ICLItaly – Ascoli Piceno (Italy) won the 2013 Spring Edition of InterCity League defeating in final Glas Vegas (Glasgow, Scotland). The winners are: Paolo Enrico Garrisi (playing captain), Fabio Colasante, Carlo Totaro and Costel Lung. The runners-up: Cliff Gillies (playing captain), Eyal Ben-Zvi, Paul Gipson, John Murdoch, Jim McMennemy, Danny Kane and Helen Kane. (read article>>)


Canadian Champ logo 2013Canada – Robert Lebi, David Lindop, Jurek Czyzowicz and Dan Jacob won the Canadian Senior Team Championship. They will represent Canada in the d’Orsi Senior Bowl at the 41st World Bridge Team Championshis in Bali, Indonesia 16-29 Sep 2013. In Women’s category the winners are: na Demme, Karen Cumpstone, Joan Eaton, Sondra Blank, Sylvia Caley and Katie Thorpe. In Open event the winners are: Judith Gartaganis, Nick Gartaganis, Paul Thurston, Jeff Smith, Darren Wolpert and Daniel Korbel. The Canadian Open and Women’s teams will play a play-off match against the Mexico in order to earn a right to compete in upcoming World Championships. (official site of the event: http://www.cbf.ca/BWeek/13files/)


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