Salvador Assael Invitational Bridge Tournament: June 1-6 2013

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Assael (1)The Salvador Assael Invitational Bridge Tournament is an event organized for honour of popoluar Turkish champion Salvador Assael who passed away last year. It will be held in Cesme (next to Izmir, Turkey) 1-6 June 2013.

The tournament consist of three events: the Assael Open MP pairs (june 1-2), “Play with the Champs” (June 3) and the Assael Invitational Calcutta (June 4-6).

The Assael Invitational is the final and most important event. It is an invitational auction based tournament consisting six sessions. Before the tournament there is a Calcutta auction on the participants; who thinks a pair will win, can “purchase” them, but in competition with others. The money of the auction makes the pool that will be divided between the other bidders in predetermined percentage, depending on the placement of the pair they bid on (or the pairs: in a Calcutta auction had better to wager on several runners).

The participants will be include the world’s most popular players/pairs: Sementa-Madala, Helgemo-Helness, Nyström-Upmark,Forrester-Robson, Tom Hanlon-Caroll, Gromoller-Rohowsky, Quantin-Bompis, Versace-Tokay, Blakset-Schaltz, Welland-S. Auken, Ventin-Wrang. Turkish National Team players and pairs that finished at top 10 in the Open MP Pairs will join them.

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