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2011 Montegrotto Open Pairs – Final scores

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2011 Montegrotto – Open Pairs. 45 pairs fought in Montegrotto Open Pairs 2011; counting them with the 120 pairs of the Mixed-Lady, it can be already said that the Organisating Body deserves the first prize. Congratulations to Lino Bonelli, Nino Folli, Massimo Ortensi (in the photo), Pierluigi Malipiero, and to the Eremitani Bridge Club of Padova.


The first place, instead, went to Renzo Minozzi and Gianantonio Lucchiari. Congratulations! Second are Paolo Minciotti and Giuseppe Brenna. Third come the first Master, Paolo Fogel, with Bruno Randazzo. Fourth are Andrea Manno and Massimo Lanzarotti, another master. Follow:

5th: Johan Gronkvist – Ahlesved Kriste

6th: Paolo Chizzoli – Franco De Giacomi

7 th: Gian Carlo Briolini – Alessandro Spina

8 th: Giuseppe Failla (M) – Marco Catellani

9 th: Zack Fanna – Bengt Eric Efra

10th: Jan Fucik – Phofer Kunther

Many known names are below: 21st Cristina Golin and Simonetta Paoluzi (but 21 out of 145 isn’t a so bad business, after all); 25th Lino Bonelli and Loris Casadei; the latter is the sponsor of the event, Porsche Italia’s Director; 26th Monica Aghemo and Andrea Buratti, Mixed-Lady winners; 30th Renate Sabine Hansen and Andreas Babsch, second on Mixed; 36th Carlo Totaro and Paolo Clair, and so on.

Many masters slipped below the 100th position: it suggests that some deals were crazy, very unbalanced. When it happens, the technique fails and random results arise.

The International Team started yesterday and finishes tomorrow. There are ninety teams: Buona Fortuna to all, and may the strong team be winner.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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