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2010 Italian Championships are still sub judice

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The final phases of the Italian Teams Championship took place in Bologna, 23-26 September 2010. At the end of the second round Team Varese submitted a complaint against the participation of three Norwegian players in the Angelini Team: Geir Helgemo (HLR004), Tor Helness (HLR005) and Boye Brogeland (BRY021), all of whom enrolled to the Italian Federation on the 15 September via S.S. D. Angelini Bridge s.r.l.

Mr. Paolo Uggeri, the man delegated to represent the Varese Team, explained the reasons for their complaint:

 “We have submitted a complaint under Article 10 of the Organic Rules of Federation approved by CONI, available via the FIGB. This rule distinguishes between different types of championships. For the Italian Cup and the Club Team Championships the players must be registered at an Italian club and if they are “strangers” they must be resident in Italy since it is a competition for those that reside here. ( e.g. To partecipate in the Italian Spring Championship’s players must not be registered to the Italian federation). Besides, the participation of foreign players is limitated to a maximum of two for a six man team.” (read full text »)

The complaint was submitted to the CNG (National Tournament Committee) who declined to make an immediate ruling, and asked for clarification from the CONI (Italian Olympic Committee). The competition, however, continued: Angelini with the Norwegians in tow, reached the final where they lost to the Allegra Team of Turin, the championships come to an end in the normal fashion with the awards ceremony and the ritual photo shoot.

“This is the first time that the CNG has not decided on a complaint but deferred the decision to a higher authority” was Mr. Uggeri’s comment.

While the victory is celebrated a short annotation appears on Italian federation official website:

“The National Tournament Committee (CNG) has received a complaint during the Championships, the result of which is still pending, as is the outcome of the match.”

Information has been requested by several interested parties.

Mr. Paolo Uggeri stated that no formal comunication has occured between them, the Varese team, and the Italian Federation, adding “The silence by the authorities is like thunder, and that the President will be held accountable over the issue, including their faliure to come to a timely solution, it has gone on long enough”.

Fulvio Fantoni (Angelini Team) stated in a previous interview with Neopolitan Club:

“If the Varese Team thinks that there were irregularities, they have a perfect right to make a complaint. On our part, before including three Norwegians in the lineup, we made our verifications with requests both to the Federation and to Olympic Organization. Once the replies were obtained, we followed the indications given to the letter. In fact the registration of the team was accepted. I repeat, on our part, we made sure beforehand that it was possible to make this registration. To be precise, they replied that we could register three Norwegians, but only two could play at the same time, or in the same session. And we followed the indications received.”

Only a few days ago in an interview with us, Giorgio Duboin (Allegra Team – Lavazza) stated: “Sure. We are also awaiting the decision of the CNG (National Tournament Committee) and maybe we will have to play the final again.”And when asked if he would willingly play again, his reply was unequivicol:

 “Why should not I do so? If we won against a team that did not have the right to play it is correct to play against those who were entitled. We must always remember that we are talking about sport. Sometimes I think people forget the basic principles of sport. The results must be on the basis of the weapons at hand. Yes, I will willingly play the final again.” (read full text»)

Neapolitan Club and, the bridge news agency, have requested, on more than one occasion, clarification from The Italian Federation. Finally something has come in. On November 19, Mr. Giovanni Maci (General Secretary of Italian Federation), writes:

 “As you certainly know – you can verify yourself on the site FIGB (competitions / championships / leagues Company) – the outcome of the Championship play-off for Open Teams is still sub judice. The Federation has no opinion about the decision, which is entrusted to the competent authority, the CNG (National Tournament Commette), which has not expressed its view yet. I recall you, however, that the statment of c.n.g. (National Tournament Commette) is not public.”.

In the meantime two monthes have passed, the final result of the ruling is still “sub judice”. We do not know what calamity has prevented them from taking the decision. We also don’t know if there is someone that has the right to know the CNG’s decision. We suppose that the Team Varese Captain should do.
















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