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Varese Team submitted a complaint against Norwegian players

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Yesterday came news of the complaint that  Varese Team  submitted  about the regularity of participation of the three Norwegian Championships in  Italian Club’s  Team Championship (Bologna). This morning we collected the statements of Captain  delegated Paolo Uggeri who has kindly  explained what’s happening. 

“We have submitted a complaint under Article 10 of the Organic Rules of Federation  approved by CONI, available via the FIGB. This rule distinguishes between different types of championships. For the Italian Cup and the Club Team Championships the players must be registered at an Italian club and if they are “strangers” they must be resident in Italy since it is a competition for those that reside here. ( e.g. To partecipate in the Italian Spring Championship’s players must not be registered to the Italian federation). Besides, the participation of foreign players is limitated to a maximum of two for a six man team. Therefore we have made an official complaint asking that the Norwegian players show their resident status in Italy and the completion of the process required by the CONI regulation for non-EU players: Norway is not a member of the union EU and we do not yet know if there is a special arrangement between our two countries, therefore existing regulation must be applied.

After the first round of competition we complained. I state that no one had informed us officially that they, the Angelini team, would play the three Norwegians, indeed I must confess that I learned this from the blog ‘Neapolitan Club’.

We made a complaint to the Tournament Director and he said that this was not his jurisdiction and that the decision was for the CNG (National Tournament Committee). We have requested emergency procedural talks. CNG has received our complaint and subsequently disclosed that they have been “rejected” and that Mr. Taddei, the president, made a statement on the board’s decision.

 Accordingly an order was issued by which the CNG will make a decision on our protest. Our complaint was deemed not to require an urgent ruling, and that a decision would await until just before the next round commences.

Mr Taddei told us that the power of the CNG is limited, and the legislation is somewhat flawed and runs counter to European legislation on this matter. There will be a directive that will harmonise the rules, that apply to CONI and FIGB, to comply with the rest of Europe.

 Anyway Mr. Taddei has sent  a formal  request  (ordinance)  to CONI on  how the word ‘strangers’ must be interpretated. I naturally requested a copy of this ordinance.

The outcome of this would inevitably leave the result of the match unchanged, and the Angelini team would procede to the final. Mr. Taddei has requested clarification from CONI on this matter, and we will study the final report. This is the first time that the CNG has not decided on a complaint but deferred the decision to a higher authority”.

by Laura Camponeschi

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