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New Verdict Issued in Elinescu-Wladow Case

On the 4th of March 2021, the German Bridge Federation (DBV- Deutsche Bridge Verband) posted a news about the Elinescu-Wladow Case.

On the 15th of November 2017 the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court decided the following items: “The sanctions imposed by the World Bridge Federation (WBF) and the German Bridge Federation (DBV) are declared ineffective. In addition, both associations owe the plaintiffs a compensation for their damage.”

The DBF reports that a new verdict has been issued by the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court on the 17th of February 2021: “The Court has dismissed all claims against the DBV quantified by the plaintiffs in the second instance”.

The verdict is 56 pages long and is yet to be fully analysed by DBV.

Here you can read the verdict issued by the Court of Cologne related to the compensation for damage (June 16, 2020): click here »


Source: DBV

The full story. On the 23 March 2014 the World Bridge Federation (WBF) found Entscho Wladow and Michael Elinescu guilty of cheating by exchanging Unauthorised Information by coughing during the final of the World Seniors Team Championships held in Bali. The Disciplinary Committee of the WBF imposed a lifelong ban playing as a pair, and a ten-year ban barring them playing as participants in any sanctioned event. Following the WBF’s decision the German Bridge Federation (DBV) decided to adopt similar sanctions. Therefore, Elinescu and Wladow filed an appeal in Cologne against the WBF and the DBV. The verdict of the Court of Cologne was announced on the 28th March 2017. The outcome of the proceedings was first announced by the German newspaper ‘Kölnische Rundschau’ in its 30th March edition and then confirmed by a Press Release issued by the Court of Cologne on the 31st March. When the verdict of the Court of Cologne has been delivered to the lawyer of the DBV, the DBV released an official statement on the verdict and all the previous news are confirmed: a) The Court stated that the sanctions imposed by the DBV to Elinescu and Wladow are unfair and therefore invalide. b) The Court also stated that the DBV is liable for all damages caused by the sanctions to the players. c) The appeal against the WBF was dismessed. On May 2017 the DBV filed an appeal against the verdict issued by the Court of Cologne to the Court of Düsseldorf. Elinescu and Wladow appealed the decision to the Court of Appeal in Dusseldorf as well. On the 15 November 2017 the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court issued its verdict: The sanctions by the German Bridge Federation and the World Bridge Federation to Elinescu and Wladowhe are invalid. Therefore, Elinescu and Wladow filed a request for compensation.


Elinescu-Wladow Affaire »



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