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A lawyer’s letter to AOB (ALT/OCBL/Bridgehouse)

Brian Platnick posted on BridgeWinners a letter sent by Chris Compton to the organisers of online tournaments on BBO: ALT, OCBL, Bridgehouse.

Compton is a lawyer who represents some players “ each of whom has been denied entry into one or more of your events – based solely on the recommendation of CAT”.

Compton complained that “none of your organizations, nor CAT, is offering any denied player the opportunity to respond to his/her alleged wrongdoing.”.

Additionally, Compton stated that those players “ were replaced (on their denied original team) by one of the members of the CAT committee!” and he argued that the assessment of players’ behaviour should be made by someone “ free from the conflict of being anything close to a peer level Bridge professional.”

Full text of Compton’s letter is available on Bridge Winners: click here »


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