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2011 Yeh Bros Cup Open Team Knockout (rounds 1 and 2)

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April 20, 2011 – Wuxi Jangsu (China). The Yeh Bros Cup enters second phase: knockout rounds. Today the first 2 rounds have been played, each with 2 segments of 16 boards, for a total of 32. In the first round the Lavazza team (with Bocchi, Madala, Duboin, Sementa)  beat China Life for 86 to 60. In the second round Lavazza met the team of Morris Chang (with Patrick Huang, Mark Lair and Peter Weichsel) and won again: 91-32. Very well done!

Tomorrow  the last two rounds of the knockout stage and then we will know the names of the  finalist teams.

We recall the format of KO stage: Four rounds of 32-boards 2 stanzas of 16 board matches in two different brackets. The top 8 seeded teams today started in the upper bracket with knock-out match losers dropping to the lower bracket.    The next 8 teams  strated in the lower bracket and have been  eliminated with a loss.  Tomorrow after 3-round there will be one undefeated team in the upper bracket . This team has a bye to the Final with a 6.5 IMP carryover.  In Match 3, the two losers from upper bracket will join the four winners from the lower bracket to play two 3-way matches. the two winners will advance.   In Match 4, the loser of match 3 in upper bracket and the two winners of match 3. in the lower bracket will play a 3-way match for a spot in the Final. In all 3-way matches, the team winning both their matches will be declared winner. Otherwise, total VP’s will decide the winner.

Results of  KO round 1 (segments 1 and 2)






















Results of  KO round 2 (segments 1 and 2)


















In the photo: Giorgio Duboin and Antonio Sementa of the Lavazza Team, who won the qualifying stage. (source: Official Bulletin)



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