2011 Italian Club Team Championships – Final: Angelini vs Lavazza

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2011 Italian Club Team Championships. The Italian “Campionati Societari” (Club Team Championships) final stage started yesterday at Palazzo dei Congressi di Salsomaggiore Terme, next to Parma. The last segment of semifinals has just been played. Allegra Torino (Lavazza)  will face Angelini in final, as easily forecasted.

In the semi finals the Lavazza’s Team has defeated Val di Magra 227-149, meanwhile Angelini won against Reggio Emilia 191 -129.

After the fourth segment (of five), Angelini led by 92, (+6, +37, +36, +13), whereas the Lavazza’s walking was more blundering and sometimes tripping over: +21 (-19, +47, -6, -1); but in the last segment Bocchi-Madala and Sementa-Duboin scored an outstanding 65-8!

The final will start tonight (one segment), and will follow on Saturday (four segments) and Sunday (sixth and last segment).

All the matches will be broadcast on BBO.


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