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Smith & Adamson: Scotland’s Senior Moment


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senior momentMany of us follow the major championships with great interest, and like me you may have wondered what it is like to be a participant at one of these events – to be competing with the best players in the world.

Reading this book I felt like I was living the event with the Scottish Senior team as they played in their first ever World Championships, in Bali last year.  As Brian Senior is quoted on the back cover as saying, this book “is that rarity these days, an original idea”.  It is written from the viewpoint of the npc, and he, Harry Smith, and his co-author, Alex Adamson, have produced a tour-de-force.

The excitement builds as it becomes clear that the Scottish team is a force to be reckoned with, and we feel the ups and downs of their progress to eventual qualification for the knock-out stages.  We then suffer with them as, possibly tired, they fail to play to the same level in the quarter final.  The interesting hands are all shown and explained fully and clearly, with the authors giving insights into the thoughts and feelings of the players.

The Seniors event in Bali may be best remembered for the later revelations about the German doctors but this book lets you experience what it was really like to be there.  As Mike Passell’ says, this is a “wonderful tale … a must read”!

Available as a book (£13.95, US$21.95 ) or eBook (US$17.95)

Contact Harry and Alex at: [email protected]

Or order in book or eBook form at:


 Laura Cecilia Porro


12th European Youth Pairs Championships: Results


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EBLJunior Pairs – Pawel Jassem and Jakub Wojcieszek from Poland won the Gold medal; Dennis Bilde and Rasmus Jepsen from Denmark won the Silver medal; Thomas Paske and Graeme Robertson from England won the Bronze medal.

Youngsters – Ola Rimstedt and Johna Safsten  from Sweden won the Gold medal; Luc Tijssen and Thibo Sprinkhuizen from Netherlands won the Silver medal; Colin Deheeger and Arthur Boulin from France won the Bronze medal.

Girls Pairs – Marie Eggeling and Katharina Brink from Germany won the Gold medal; Natalia Banas and Carla Groenland from Netherlands won the Silver medal; Justyna Zmuda and Aleksandra Jarosz from Poland won the Bronze medal.

Mixed Pairs – Justyna Zmuda and Lukasz Witowski from Poland won the Gold medal; Silver went to Adi Asulin and Moshe Meyouhas from Israel; Bronze went to Signe and Emil Thomsen from Denmark.

The President’s Cup went to Norway’s Tor Grude and Kristoffer Hegge.

The 12th European Youth Pairs Championships were held in Burghausen (Germany) from July 12-16, 2014



Walsh System – Notes by Rhoda Walsh: 1Club -1Diamond Sequences

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Rhoda Walsh, attorney, is a bridge theorist and champion: she’s WBF Grand Master and an ACBL Grand Life Master. She placed third in 1968 World Women’s Team; in the same year she won all three US National Women’s events: two pair events and one team event. 7th in all time masterpoint list for women; author of “Recap Bridge”. With Paul Soloway, John Swanson, and her ex-husband Richard, Rhoda is one of the co-developers of the 2 over 1 Game Forcing System, formerly known as the Walsh System. Rhoda today plays professionally in tournaments with students and teaches private groups.

Neapolitan Club has already published the development after the one level major opening and the 1NT response.  (click here >>) We now publish the sequences after 1♣ opening and 1 response. This part of Rhoda’s System also had been published, but we now present it in a better format and with Italian and Spanish translation, formerly not done. The Spanish edition is edited by Ignatio Jiménez for Eurobridge Club.


Walsh System Notes

by Rhoda Walsh

 1♣-1 Sequences

 §I. In General

A 1 response to a 1 opening bid (1♣-1),tentatively denies a four card major and shows 6+ HCP. Forcing one round.

– A four card diamond suit is always bypassed when holding a four or more card major, regardless of the strength of responder’s hand.

– A five card diamond suit is always bypassed when holding a five or more card major, regardless of the strength of responder’s hand.

– A five or six card diamond suit is bid before a four card major only when responder holds a game forcing hand.

§II. Responder holds fewer than four diamonds.

A non-passed hand responder may respond 1on a two or three card diamond holding with 6 to 12 HCP and no other available call. Forcing one round.

§III. Responder holds five or more diamonds and a four card major.

A) With less than a game forcing hand: Responder bypasses a five or six card diamond suit and responds in her major:1♣-1/1♠.

 With a six card diamond suit, and fewer than 10 HCP, responder may thereafter use a Weak 6-4 Jump Shiftto further describe her hand. The Weak 6-4 Jump Shift is a delayed jump by responder to the three level in a new minor. It is nonforcing. Examples:


 1/1NT-3/3 = Weak 6-4 Jump Shift.Nonforcing.


 2♣-3= Weak 6-4 Jump Shift. Nonforcing.

  On the contrary:


 2-3 = New minor forcing. It is Notthe Weak 6-4 Jump Shift, because there was no jump. Game forcing.

 Notes about the Weak 6-4 Jump Shift

 Opener is not permitted to correct to responder’s major unless opener has a three card major suit fit and a zero card minor suit fit.

 – Responder’s expected holding is six of the minor and four of the major, but responder may be 5-5, with a fine minor and a poor major.

 Warning: a seven or more card diamond suit is never bypassed in favor of a four card major, regardless of the strength of responder’s hand.

 (§III. Responder holds five or more diamonds and a four card major)

 B) With a game forcing or better hand: responder bids 1first, intending to rebid her major thereafter:1♣-1.

 §IV. Opener’s rebids (after 1 – 1)

A) Holding a Balanced Hand:

a) With 12 to 14 HCP: Holding a six card club suit, opener rebids 2♣; lacking a six card club suit, opener rebids 1NT, bypassing one or both four card majors:1♣-1; 1NT/2♣. Nonforcing. 1NT does not promise stoppers in the majors. The exception is when the opener holds Jx or worse in either major and four cards in the other major; in this case, the opener rebids the four card major: 1♣-1; 1/1♠. Nonforcing.

The rationale of this exception lies in the fact that we don’t want to play in notrump with 2 small facing 2 small, which is a possibility after 1-1. By bidding the major, opener notifies responder that opener’s hand is not perfectly suited to notrump, and unless responder has the other  major controlled, we look for another place to play the contract.

b) With 15 to 17 HCP: Holding a good six card club suit, opener rebids 3♣: 1♣-1; 3♣. Game invitational. With a weak six card club suit, opener would have opened 1NT, not 1.

c) With 18 to 19 HCP: Opener rebids 2NT, bypassing one or both four card majors: 1♣-1; 2NT. Highly game invitational. 2NT does promise full stoppers in both majors.

B. Holding an Unbalanced Hand (i.e., singleton or void in any suit). After 1§-1:

a) First priority: Opener rebids a six card club suit at the appropriate level:1♣-1; 2♣/3♣]. Nonforcing.

b) Second priority: Opener rebids a four card major, bidding up-the-line 1♣-1; 1/1♠. Nonforcing.

OR: Opener jump shifts to a four card major, with appropriate values: 1♣-1; 2/2♠. Game forcing.

c) Third priority: Opener raises responder’s diamond suit, holding four or more diamonds, to the appropriate level: 1♣-1; 2/3. Nonforcing.

§V. Responder’s rebids (after 1§-1; any)

A) Holding Five or More Diamonds, a Four Card Major, and a Game Forcing Hand:

a) If opener rebids 1NT: Responder rebids two of her major: 1♣-1;1NT-2/2♠. Game forcing. This rebid guarantees five or more diamonds, four or more cards in the bid major, and game forcing values.

b) If opener rebids responder’s four card major: Responder jumps to three of her major:

1♣-1; 1/1♠-3/3♠. Game forcing.

This rebid guarantees five or more diamonds, four or more cards in opener’s major, and game forcing values.

Note: A simple raise to the two level by responder is merely competitive, showing 8 to 11 PSP and a three card major suit fit. It tends to indicate Jx or worse in the other major. Nonforcing.

c) If opener rebids the other four card major:

ì)If opener rebids 1 and responder’s four card major is spades: Responder jumps to 2♠. I.e: 1♣-1; 1-2♠. Game forcing.

Note. A rebid of 1ª by responder to opener’s 1 rebid (1-1; 1-1♠) is fourth suit forcing, showing 11+ HCP and denying a spade stopper. Game invitational or better.

ìì) If opener rebids 1♠ and responder’s four card major is hearts: Responder rebids in notrump,because opener’s 1♠ bid denied four hearts: 1♣-1; 1♠-1NT/2NT/3NT.

– A 2© rebid is fourth suit forcing, showing 11+ HCP and denying hearth stopper: 1-1; 1♠-2. Game invitational or better.

– A 3© rebid shows five hearts and six or more diamonds: 1♣-1; 1♠-3. Game forcing.

– A 4© rebid is a splinter in support of spades: 1♣-1; 1♠-4. Forcing to 4ª.

§V. Responder’s rebids (after 1♣-1; any)

B. Holding Five or More Diamonds, Four or More Clubs, NO Four Card Major, and a Game Forcing Hand:

a) If opener rebids one of a major or 1NT: Responder rebids 3♣: 1♣-1; 1/1♠/1NT-3♣. Game forcing.

Note: This is the onlysystemicsequence where a delayed jump raise by responder of opener’s first bid suit is forcing. In all other sequences, it is a game invitational limitraise.

 §VI. In competition

Over a takeout double of opener’s 1♣ opening bid, a 1 response shows fouror more diamonds and 6+ HCP: 1♣-Dbl by Opp-1. Forcing one round. The 1 bidtentatively denies a four card major.

 §VII. By a passed hand Responder:

A 1 response to a 1♣ opening bid shows five or more diamonds and absolutely denies a four card major. Nonforcing.


 Walsh System –  Notes by Rhoda Walsh: 1Club -1Diamond Sequences.

[Italian and English versions edited by Paolo Enrico Garrisi for Neapolitan Club]

originally posted December 21, 2009

October 5, 2012

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Official Encyclopedia of Contract Bridge

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The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge is published by the ACBL (American Contract Bridge League). It is updated every 7-9 years. The first edition was in 1964, if we don’t count the encyclopedia published in 1935 by Bridge World. The latest edition is from 2001  and now  the ACBL is in the process of producing the 7th Edition. Read the full story

Enciclopedia ufficiale del Bridge

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L’Official Encyclopedia of Bridge  è pubblicata dalla ACBL (American Contract Bridge League). Viene aggiornata ogni 7-9 anni, ed è giunta alla sesta edizione (2001); la prima fu nel 1964, non contando quella del 1935 della rivista Bridge World. E’ in corso di stampa  la settima edizione che uscirà a breve. Read the full story

And now let’s talk about bridge! (interview to Norberto Bocchi)

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bocchi by leoneNorberto Bocchi has kindly given  us a long interview:  We have  referred a number of topics, each accompanied by a quote, and we therefore invited the Italian Champion to discuss with us. Read the full story

Tornei IMPs – di Michele Leone (Parte Seconda)

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Anche se per lo più note agli esperti, riteniamo utile descrivere con esempi esplicativi le varie tattiche di gioco e l’influenza del particolare metodo di attribuzione di punteggio, applicate ai vari tornei. Poiché il bridge duplicato è differente dal bridge del torneo a coppie è evidente che le tattiche di gioco debbono essere improntate a caratteristiche dissimili e specifiche per ciascun tipo di bridge. Read the full story

Tornei IMPs – di Michele Leone (Parte Prima)

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IMPs è l’acronimo di International Match Points. Un torneo IMPs è un torneo Mitchell che che assegna il punteggio utilizzato negli incontri di duplicato, in accordo alla tabella IMP. Richiede una filosofia di gioco tipica del duplicato. Il vero bridge, per intenderci! Anche se giocato a coppie, il torneo IMP è da ritenersi ideale per chi intende prepararsi per i campionati a squadre. Read the full story

Symmetrical playing cards – by Michele Leone

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These are the new playing cards with symmetrical symbols for spades, hearts and clubs. They were introduced a few years ago on both a national and an international level. Read the full story

Five Queens for Ostenda’s throne – Catherine D’Ovidio

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Ostenda European Women Championship.  ‘Neapolitan Club’ has interviewed five women: Catherine D’Ovidio (France), Sabine Auken  (Germany), Montserrat Mestres Rodriguez   (Spain), Gabriella Olivieri  (Italy),Elena Mihova  (Bulgaria).One question per one player, five questions. All the players had to answer their own question; four of five have answered the others’ too. We’ll publish the individual questions in five days, each dedicated to one player. In the sixth day, the five champions shall answer a collective question. Read the full story

Il sistema Bocchi – Duboin: recensione a cura di Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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 Norberto Bocchi – Giorgio Duboin

“Il sistema Bocchi-Duboin”

 A cura di Gianantonio Castiglioni.

217 pag. Mursia 2010.

 Questo libro illustra il sistema Bocchi-Duboin (B-D). Nel momento in cui lo apriamo dobbiamo ricordarci i loro sette titoli europei, la Bermuda Bowl del 2005, due titoli mondiali, due Olimpiadi, etc. etc. Dobbiamo ricordarci tutto questo perché dobbiamo sapere che non troveremo un sistema semplice: l’ultima squadra che vinse qualcosa con un sistema semplice fu quella americana del 1954. Read the full story

Bertrand Romanet: Total Bridge

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 Bertrand Romanet
 Total Bridge

Sometimes, especially in partial contracts, and above all in NT contracts, when the dummy goes down the player is faced with a situation which to say the least, is discouraging: the suit to be developed is a 4-2 (the 4-3 has only spot cards, better not touch it) and there is no suit with two adjoining honors. Read the full story

The Thief and the Fire

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Original tale by Paolo Enrico Garrisi  (translated by Carol Sims )

One night a thief broke into a house, forced open the safe and stole money, jewels and share certificates. Unexpectedly he heard a noise at the door: the owner had returned home, the thief had to escape. Read the full story

Affaire Fantunes: Sbarigia answers readers questions ( second part)

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Silvio let’s continue. Some readers doubt about the authority and competence of the National Team Manager Maria Teresa Lavazza. I understand what you mean. Think about the role of the Team Manager: do it rebembering Carl’Alberto Perroux. He was not the top as a champion but he knew a lot about men. He was not among the best player,  he was the best of Team Managers. Read the full story

Portrait of Oswald Jacoby

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by Turbin, translated by Carol Sims

OSWALD JACOBY (1902-1984) The most gifted bridge player of all times, he had an impetuous and generous nature. In 1917, at age 15, he enrolled in the US Army, lying about his age, and fought in the First World War. On December 7, 1941 he was playing, and winning, the American bridge championships at Richmond, Virginia, when the speaker made a dramatic announcement: the Japanese air force had attacked Pearl Harbor. Read the full story

Affaire Fantunes: Carlo Carpentieri’s opinion

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 Carlo, I just called to have a chat about so-called ‘affaire fantunes’. What’s your opinion about exclusion of Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes from the National Italian Team for the next European Championships that will be held in Ostenda? Well, I think an error has occurred in their exclusion way and  expecially Fulvio overpays his popularity. Read the full story

2010’s Europeans: Norberto Bocchi talks about

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Norberto Bocchi, are many years since you’re on the top of international bridge: How did you feel being called for European Championship? Are you still capable of emotion? I’m proud, of course, to represent my country, and I have worked with my partner for being a competitive pair in such high level tourney. Read the full story

Affaire Fantunes: l’opinione di Carlo Carpentieri

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Carlo,  ti chiamo per scambiare due chiacchiere sul cosiddetto ‘affaire fantunes’.   Qual è la tua opinione sull’esclusione di Fulvio Fantoni e Claudio Nunes dalla Nazionale per gli Europei di Ostenda 2010? Credo che abbiano sbagliato nelle modalità circa la loro esclusione e Fulvio, in particolar modo, paga la sua popolarità. Read the full story

Europei 2010: La parola a Norberto Bocchi

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Norberto Bocchi, Lei è ai vertici del bridge mondiale da anni: come ha accolto la convocazione in nazionale per gli Europei di Ostenda 2010? Un po’ di emozione ancora c’è? Naturalmente sono fiero di rappresentare L’Italia, ho cercato di lavorare con il mio compagno per poter fare una coppia che possa essere all’altezza di un campionato di questo genere.

 Mi sento preparato e questo mi dà un gran conforto. L’emozione  è  una questione naturale che non si puo’ evitare di avere, pero’ si tratta di un’ emozione sana e positiva che mi dà la forza dare di più.

Da qualche tempo gioca con il giovane Augustin Madala. Ne vuole tracciare un profilo umano e bridgistico?

Bridgisticamente mi ricorda il Versace di quando era giovane, solido mentalmente, fortissimo tecnicamente con le carte (uno dei piu forti), considerato anche dagli Americani uno dei pochi giovani in circolazione che possa fare la differenza. Magari arrivando in Italia non era il top in dichiarazione,  ma ora avendo giocato con Sementa e Ferraro,  che sono ottimi licitatori,  ha fatto un passo da gigante anche in quel ramo. Umanamente è giovane e dunque  possiede i peccati dovuti alla gioventù:  irascibile lo è  un po’,  però alcune volte riconosce di aver sbagliato e chiede scusa. E’  una persona molto divertente ed è per questo che è  molto amato  da chi lo conosce. 

Con Giorgio Duboin Lei ha formato una delle coppie più forti del mondo. Come si arriva a sciogliere un sodalizio tanto vincente?

Dopo 20 anni di gioco ci eravamo accorti che mancavano gli stimoli per continuare questo sodalizio. Avendo vinto tutto e di più, e dato che  Sementa e Madala erano 2 campioni disponibili per poter far sì di costruire 2 coppie – non dico altrettanto valide come Giorgio e me  ma suppergiu’ quasi allo stesso livello-  abbiamo provato. E  questa nuova esperienza ci ha portati ad avere un entusiasmo che da  molto tempo  nessuno dei due  aveva più .

 Ci vuole introdurre agli Europei di Ostenda? Quali squadre sono più temibili?

Sicuramente la Polonia e l’ Olanda sono le piu temibili, poi a ruota credo che la Svezia la Russia e la Norvegia,  che non si presentera’ con la coppia clou,   saranno le squadre più ostiche.

E ora: un breve profilo della nostra Nazionale?

Allora, Versace è un mostro di bravura, non me ne vogliano gli altri giocatori del mondo,  ma per me è  il piu forte di tutti. Lauria è il nostro faro,  lui indica il da farsi e con la sua esperienza mette soggezione positiva a noi e negativa agli avversari. Sementa e’ una delle persone che più trasmette la voglia di vincere che conosco,  oltre ad avere una tecnica molto accurata. Duboin è  un libro di bridge, per me è stato il compagno perfetto per 20 anni per la sua diligenza e tecnica sopraffina. Madala è l’ aria nuova di questa nazionale, giovane e voglioso di far bene ma senza frenesia (per fortuna che aveva il padre italiano).

E… Norberto Bocchi?

Io mi considero un po’ il discolo della compagnia, mi permetto di fare cose a bridge che non sono puramente tecniche e lo so,  ma vivo, bridgisticamente parlando,  di sensazioni che normalmente portano a buoni risultati.  I  i miei compagni lo sanno ed accettano,  anche se ultimamente mi sono calmato un po’. Tutti noi sei abbiamo difetti caratteriali ma questo è un segreto che non svelero’ mai! (sorridendo, n.d.r.)

Se La sente di fare un pronostico per questi Europei?

La formula danneggia un po’  l’Italia.  Se prima potevamo essere considerati favoriti naturali ora non lo siamo  più, credo che un posto in medaglia sia il giusto posto di questa nazionale,  ma l’ importante e’ assicurarsi la qualificazione per i mondiali arrivando nei sei. Ma questo non toglie che giocheremo per vincere.

Qualcosa di più personale: in una carriera bridgistica come la Sua credo sia difficile individuare la vittoria più bella o più importante, tuttavia Le vorrei chidere se c’è un evento che ricorda con particolare emozione.

Sicuramente le Olimpiadi di Maastricht nel 2000, per difficolta’, perchè era la mia prima olimpiade e sopratutto perchè ricordo la fatica di quei campionati dove il capitano ci fece giocare tutti i turni di gioco. Sottolineo: tutti!

C’è qualcuno che considera un suo maestro di bridge, voglio dire qualcuno a cui si sente legato con riconoscenza, che L’ha sostenuta nella Sua carriera? Insomma, se dovesse dire grazie a qualcuno: a chi e perchè?

Credo che la persona che mi abbia più sostenuto nella mia carriera bridgistica sia la Signora Lavazza. Sono ben 30 anni che gioco per i suoi colori, oltre ad avermi dato la possibilita di crescere bridgisticamente avendomi fornito fior di campioni da cui apprendere tipo Garozzo,  Belladonna,  Versace,  Pittala,  Ferraro e  Duboin,  Maria Teresa Lavazza mi ha dato la possibilità economica per dedicarmi e dunque vincere quello che ho vinto.

Quale lettura sul bridge consiglierebbe ai nostri lettori?

Leggere di bridge è sicuramente una cosa utile per apprendere, tutto va bene perchè ti fa pensare al bridge….

Quando non gioca a bridge, che fa Norberto Bocchi?

Mi dedico alla famiglia:  ho un figlio di 1 anno e una di 3,  si chiamano Luca e Adriana e sono molto orgoglioso di loro,  per non dire di mia moglie che è una santa che mi sopporta. (sorridendo n.d.r.)  Poi  ho la passione del golf e della buona cucina.

Sbarigia’s quiz # 11 – The harp of Arturo Toscanini

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Today  Silvio Sbarigia suggests a new quiz.  As usual, we’ll show the solution into few days. In the meanwhile have fun and mind the title…By the way, do you know the  Toscanini’s harp story? Well, Toscanini was directing the last trial of a concerto when…. Read the full story

Daily popular

Giorgino Duboin’s column

Italian style 02The Neapolitan Club staff is honoured to welcome a new illustrious contributor: Giorgino Duboin. The great Italian champion will write a series of articles mostly dedicated to his international bridge activities. Duboin’s Column »

Norberto Bocchi’s column

MyWay-logoThe great Italian champion Norberto Bocchi contributes articles on a regular basis to Neapolitan Club. Norberto refers in his column ‘My Way’ to political issues which may arise in the bridge world and sometimes he describes interesting hands. Read Bocchi’s column»   Read Bocchi’s interviews»

Rhoda Walsh Notes

Rhoda_WalshWalsh No Trump Notes by Rhoda Walsh: a study on No Trump openings with their developments  in uncontested and contested auctions. Table of Contents »
Annotations by Rhoda Walsh on the 1 Notrump game forcing  response in the "2 over 1 game forcing system" (Walsh System).Table of Contents»

Simply the Best

Best articles by Paolo Enrico Garrisi: open »

Let’s talk to the Champions!

Best interviews run by Laura Camponeschi: open »

Momorizing at Bridge

Are there techniques to develop some specific memory? Could be possible to make a choice of what might be more useful to memorize? Read what the champions say: open »

Silvio Sbarigia


SILVIO SBARIGIA is a pharmacist; he was born in Rome and lives there. He has won the European championship in 1975 with legendary Blue Team, runner up at 1974’s and at Olympic games of 1976.  Sbarigia is member of Neapolitan Club Technical Commettee. His bridge problems aren’t difficult; just we need to think on a plan and to avoid the instinctive playing. Bridge quizzes by Sbarigia »

Laura Cecilia Porro

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