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2010’s Europeans – Who’s Agustin Madala? The answers by Fernando Lema

Posted on 06 June 2010

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Fernando Lema, Argentinean bridge champion and brilliant  chronicles bridge’s author speaks with us  about Agustin Madala, the new entry in Italian National Team. 

Which reactions in Argentina to the entry of Agustin Madala into Italian National Team? How did it take the Argentine Federation? How did the fans? We Argentines have a very special relationship with professional sport: for years we are used to the fact that the best players go to play in the top leagues in the world. I’m sure they are all very happy for Agustin, both managers that fans . Surely the Italian Federation Bridge may offer him the opportunities that he deserves.

Many Italian fans are enthusiastic about the new acquisition. In your opinion, what added value can bring this young Argentine phenomenon in mature national Italian?

I think Mrs. Maria Teresa Lavazza has done a great favor to him and made a good service to the Italian bridge. She first approached Agustin Italy, a rough diamond, and polished him like a piece exquisite with the best players … Italian-style bridge. Agustin has grown and today is no longer the teenager who left Argentina only four years ago. Agustin  has paid off much dedication winning for the team Lavazza and has a great desire to win yet even for the Italian National Team.

Some Italian fans, however, do not like that an Argentine plays in the Italian National Team. Someone puts into question the real ‘Italian’ membership of Madala, some even complain that, for example, on BBO , Madala plays showing in his profile Argentine flag … What about ‘ Italian’  Madala? And especially: How much Italian does Agustin Madala feel himselself?

 This has always happened in all sports. In rugby for example, which I practiced by young, remember the case of Diego Dominguez, who, although it was Argentine, took Italian citizenship as his grandmother was Italian: later he could play with the Italian National Team, becoming the largest historical marker. Another case is that of the Argentine naturalised Italian Sergio Parisse, player born in Mar del Plata (Argentina): was the winner of the poll for the best player, which involved all coaches of the first division of the Italian rugby. He made his debut in the Italian national team in 2002 and offered a great performance once worn the jersey of the Italian national rugby. This brought him today to compete for the captaincy with Bergamasco.

What do you think about the Madala partnership with the Italian champion Bocchi? Although they have been playing  together for two years only, can we define them  a pair already close and reliable for the Italian National?

If the Managers of the Italian National Team have considered appropriate to include the pair Bocchi – Madala, is because they are able  to satisfy the expectations placed upon them.

About the partnership with Bocchi, which enrichment may be for Madala in the the opportunity to work closely with a consolidated champion like Bocchi?

I believe that, after playing with great champions as Guido Ferraro and Antonio Sementa, the game of Agustin has improved considerably. This experience has certainly enabled both to enrich themselves and consolidate themselves as a pair. During these two years the pair Bocchi – Madala has already won in various international events: NEC 2010,  Italian Championships Open 2010, pairs IMP Juan Le pain 2010 where, among other couples considered the strongest in this type of competition played Duboin and Sementa, finished fourth. Certainly in 2010 Bocchi and Madala are showing a maturity which translated into concrete results.

And, conversely, wich enrichment can be obtained by Bocchi meeting Madala?

 Both will surely have the opportunity to become the best pair in the world.

Let’s talk about character profil of this phenomenon of the Bridge. It is true that in the past the young Agustin was noted also for some excesses? His Italian partner, Bocchi, says that Agustin is ‘a bit irascible’.  It is true that Agustin has a character so intemperate and impulsive?

We can all be a bit angry, but I do not define the character of Agustin as impulsive. Part of the challenge of the pair in the future might be precisely to sharpen this type of reaction.

It is said that in 2007, unable to access the casino in St. Louis because he had not yet reached 21 years, tried to enter using the passport of Brad Moss. It is also said that for this one year later, in spring 2008, he was denied access in the United States. What’s true in this affair? And, if it is true, waht’s your comment?

It’s all true, in Argentina there is a saying ” a golpe en hacen los hombres” (from a strong shot will do men). Agustin was just a teenager, the important thing is that Agustin had the opportunity to learn that cannot be pass certain limits. And I know that very soon the problem of entry in U. S. A. will be solved. 

I ask you now to deepen the purely bridge profile of Agustin Madala. What are his strengths and what, if any, instead his limits?

Talent and exceptional skill in playing card card are universally recognized, to say that this is his strong point is not a discovery.

Fernando Lema, you are a bridge champion but also the author of brilliant interviews and chronicles about Bridge : will you give us an opinion on our new initiative? What do you think of our site ‘Neapolitan Club’?

 I discovered your site a month ago and I visited often. I know many few sites where you can find the type of information that I found rather in your web page. I hope in future to incorporate part of it in the official website of the South American Confederation Bridge ( ) and the weekly magazine that care with my wife Ana Roth.


 by Laura Camponeschi

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