What happened in the Bermuda Bowl Today 10/19/2011

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By Ana Roth and Fernando Lema – What happened in the Bermuda Bowl today: October 19, 2011.  Round 10. First Match of the day: Italy does not forgive and won his first daily match 25 to 0 to Brazil who didn’t play well. Conclusion: Brazil to the 13th position and Italy 17VP ahead from the second position. The Netherlands remained in the second place in the table.

Israel continued third after a balanced match against Bulgaria. Iceland finished 4th, winning his match against Singapore 22 to 8. USA2 lost against India and ended fifth. USA1 lost to Australia, a possible candidate, (20 to 10) and stayed in the sixth position. Poland is 7th and Japan 8th. 

Round 11.  Italy vs The Netherlands: 1st vs. 2nd. After a terrible start -25 IMPs down after the first two boards- Italy taking advantage from some mistakes of his opponents, arrived to a 25-25:  exciting duel. On hand 16 when the match was The Netherlands 44- Italy 26, Italy declared a slam that the Dutch didn’t find and the match ended 16 to 14 for The Netherlands. Conclusion: Nothing happened. Italy was still in the 1st place, with The Netherlands 12 VP below. Israel-USA1 finished 18 to 12; Israel finished third only 2.3 VP from the second and approaching. USA2 had an excellent match against Canada and won 24-6 which led him back to the 4th position. Iceland lost very little against India (16-14) and is now in the 5th position. Japan finished Top 8, in the 7th position and 8th is Poland.

Round 12:  Italy 19 vs. Israel 11 (in 3rd position), Israel fell to the fourth position. The Netherlands stayed in second place and USA2, “the boys,” arrived to the third position. Iceland defeated Canada and stayed 5th. USA1 won Japan, and now China is 7th and Sweden 8th. Brazil had an excellent match: defeated Poland 25 -5  and now  is 10th only a 2VP margin from the Sweden.


Ana Roth and Fernando Lema




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