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WBF Election Time: Interview with Yves Aubry

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During the 2017 World Teams Championships in Lyon (France) the election for a new WBF President will be held. The candidates are three: Gianarrigo Rona (current WBF President), Yves Aubry (EBL President) and Al Levy (current WBF Executive Vice-President).

Two days ago in Lyon  Jan van Cleeff took the opportunity to interview Yves Aubry.

JvC: There are rumours that during the WC in Lyon elections will be held for the presidency of the WBF. Nobody seems to know exactly what is going on. Do you know more?

YA: Correct. Though there is hardly any transparancy. I believe that the elections will be held by the end of the first week. Look, this afternoon (13 August) we will discuss the financial report by Marc De Pauw, the WBF Treasurer. And I expect him to leave right after the meeting.

JvC: I am not sure if I can follow you.

YA: Well, that was what he used to do when he was still the EBL Treasurer. Anyway, he has to attend the elections, so I expect him to be back by the end of the week.

JvC: Will you be one of the candidates?

YA: Absolutely. That was never a secret.

JvC: Are there more candidates?

YA: Yes, we have two more: Gianarrigo Rona, the present president, and Al Levy from America. Currently Al is the WBF executive vice-president. I foresee a battle which is illegal in regard of the WBF rules and regulations.

JvC: What exactly do you mean?

YA: To win the elections a candidate needs at least 75 percent of the votes. Which is an unrealistic scenario. I think I am slightly ahead, but not enough to win. It probably comes down to the fact that somebody like José Damiani (WBW president emeritus) may solve the matter.


Jan van Cleeff 




The Dutch text of the interview is available at IMP-BRIDGE: click here »


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