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Versace, Sementa and Paoluzi (video-interview)

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Our friend Fernando Lema (CSBNews) realized a new video-interview with Alfredo Versace, Simonetta Paoluzi, Antonio Sementa and Agustin Madala.  The video, in Italian language, has been filmed yesterday at Conference Centre Koningshot, home of the 2011 World Championship in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. Behind Agustin Madala there is also Adolfo Madala, Agustin’s father. Unfortunately the video quality is not great, but the interview is interesting and funny: Well done Fernando! 

So, for the benefit of our readers, we report here some excerpts of the video-interview.


Fernando Lema: We are here with Simonetta, Alfredo, Antonio…


Simonetta Paoluzi: They won by large and have chosen the team to meet in quarter final. Alfredo, why did you choose China?


Alfredo Versace: Because they haven’t a great bridge past, especially the men Team. There was all strong teams, so we bend on the one with less traditions.


Simonetta Paoluzi: Who decided it?


Alfredo  Versace: The decision are always taken by the doyens of the team. Say that the Senators decide.


Agustin Madala: I don’t speak, there’s the Senators agreement, the Senate…


Fernando Lema: Agustin, which question would you ask to Alfredo?


Agustin Madala: I would ask how you see these quarter finals, and which chance do we have to go on.


Alfredo Versace: China isn’t an easy match, but we have to win. Then in semifinals if we meet The Netherlands it twill be an hard task, and after I think we’ll meet an American team in final.


Fernando Lema: Do you think then that Israel will lose against Usa1?


Alfredo Versace: As said by the “periodist” Benetti, I never guess a forecast, so I tell you: Usa1 will defeat Israel, Usa2 defeats Sweden, The Netherlands will win against Iceland, even if these results really aren’t just already written before to start.


Fernando Lema: Antonio Sementa, which question would you ask to your teammate Alfredo Versace?


Antonio Sementa: Alfredo, how would you see a final Italy-Netherlands?


Alfredo Versace: That’s a very intelligent question, because Italy and The Netherlands cannot play the final, they should meet in semifinal…The two American Teams have to face in semifinal, that’s the rule, then if all the favourites win, the semifinals are Italy-Netherlands and Usa1-Usa2.


Fernando Lema: I don’t think both Americans win…


Antonio Sementa: Not even me, I don’t think their matches are so sure.


Fernando Lema: What do you think of an Italia-Usa2 final?


Alfredo Versace: Usa2 is a dangerous team, they play a brilliant bridge but they don’t look to me still ready to win the Bermuda Bowl, as the pairs play together since little time. They’re young and in the final stage, instead, count the experience, nerves… If it would be a sheer technical matter they could win even now: in fact bridge isn’t only technique; there are other factors… But they are a dangerous team and we hope not to face them.


Fernando Lema: Simonetta, to you the last question to Alfredo.


Simonetta Paoluzi: A more trifling ask. Alfredo, are there nice girls in this championship?


Antonio Sementa: This time we have to say that in this championship fine girls were few indeed. I don’t want hurt Simonetta present here, but I haven’t seen very pretty girls. But you should ask Alfredo, perhaps.


Alfredo Versace: Sincerely, when we play bridge it’s not that we search around. But, in facts…there is not so much. But women will say the same of us…


Fernando Lema: Thank you. See you for a new interview before the semifinal.


Enjoy the video! >>



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