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 Our friend Fernando Lema (CSBNews) realized for Neapolitan Club a video-interview with three of Italian Women Team; left to right in the video: Angela De Biasio, Simonetta Paoluzi and Cristina Golin. In this task, Fernando has been helped by Alfredo Versace and Norberto Bocchi. The video, in Italian language, has been filmed yesterday at Conference Centre Koningshot, home of the 2011 World Championship in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. Behind Angela De Biasio, Antonio Sementa is listening to the funny dialogue.

For the benefit of our readers we report here some extracts from the video-interview.


Versace: They are going very well, sixth [the position later worsened: now they are in ninth position after 15 of 21 rounds]. How do you see the next days?

De Biasio: Tomorrow [Thursday] will be a difficult day [They met The Netherlands and Poland, in facts]

Versace: is this your first World Championship?

De Biasio: Yes, it is. I’m very, very thrilled!

Versace: You don’t want play when the match is broadcasted by BBO…

De Biasio: I become anxious. I faint on table.

Versace [turning to Paoluzi and Golin] They play together; their system is on 70% of the one I play with Lorenzo [Lauria]. They unfortunately mistake it because they don’t play the system as much as we do.

Paoluzi: Since less years.

Bocchi: Did you play before in Venice Cup?

Paoluzi: Yes, we did in Brazil. We arrived to quarter final, getting the fifth place, losing against France. The French lost the final against China.

Bocchi: But you this year defeated France.

Paoluzi: Yes, we did. All saw in BBO that we played well against France. 20-10.

Versace: I already see them as qualified. Cristina [Golin] is suffering a little because she changed system and sometimes she doesn’t remember.

Golin: The age…

Lema: Cristina is at her first Venice Cup…

Golin: No, it’s the fourth.

Lema: Ah! The fourth! Experienced!

Paoluzi: But this is the first one we play together.

Lema: Did you find some technical novelty in opponents’ system?

Paoluzi: No, we didn’t. Almost all played Natural and two pairs used Strong Club.

Lema: How did you prepare to this tourney?

Paoluzi: Always on BBO.

Golin: Never!

Paoluzi: Always on BBO…

Golin: Never because she always went to beach.

Paoluzi: She says I always holidayed, but it isn’t true!

Versace [Turning to Angela De Biasio]: The third pair is here by chance, Angela and Donatella; they knew that had to play one day before the start.

Lema: One day before the start?!

 [Norberto Bocchi and Alfredo Versace explain the reasons why the other pairs didn’t go. De Biasio-Gigliotti substitute Rosetta-Vanuzzi which, in turn, were substitutes of Manara-Ferlazzo. The Captain, Dano De Falco, Thursday had only two pairs…]

Bocchi: …Then De Falco phoned me on Thursday evening and asked: “Norberto, please, might you dress as woman and…”. But I was already busy…

Versace: so De Falco phoned them. This team deserves the qualification at least because the hardships they had.

Lema: and what after the qualification?

Versace: I’m trying to convince them that they can win the World Championship. It’s an outlook matter…

Bocchi: The difficult is only on convince them they can. But we are sorting it out!

Lema: Muchas Gracias. Grazie!


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