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The “Standard BBO Italia” System by Mario Martinelli (7): Jump shift responses

Posted on 20 February 2012

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Mario Martinelli is a Neapolitan excellent player and accredited bridge teacher. He is an expert about systems and he developed the system “Standard BBO Italia”. The last version of it (2012) can be browsed on Vincenzo delle Cave’s BBO Italia website. Mario is also the nephew of Eugenio Chiaradia, the creator of the Neapolitan Club, a system which our magazine is dedicated to. Neapolitan Club has been publishing a summary of the system developed by Martinelli both in Italian and in English. In todays’ article we publish the first part of chapter about “Jump shift responses”.



Jump shift responses

First Part


Let us look at the following bidding sequences:


South West North

1♣ Pass 2


The 2 bid is a jump shift. This word specifically refers to jump changes of suit in response to an opening bid.


South West North

1 Pass 3♣


This is a jump shift as well, this time at the 3 level. The important analogy between this sequence and the previous one is that both are single jump shifts. North skipped one level only. The three level in the second example is simply due to the rank of North’s suit which is lower than opener’s, and bidding the suit at the two level would not have been a jump.


South West North

1♣ Pass 3


This jump, even though it is apparently similar to the previous one due to the level of the bids, is completely different. It is a double jump to the three level. Hearts, which could have bid at the one level, have been bid two level higher than the minimum required.


South West North

1♣ Pass 4


Triple jump shift at the four level. If the opening bid had been 1♠ instead of 1♣, 4 would have been a double jump shift.


Before moving on in this chapter I recommend an easy exercise: for each of the following eight bidding sequences, precisely define North’s response, then check the answers. 

1) South West North

1 Pass 4♠


2) South West North

1♠ Pass 4


3) South West North

1 Pass 3♣


4) South West North

1 Pass 2♠


5) South West North

1♠ Pass 2


6) South West North

1♣ Pass 2NT


7) South West North

1♣ Pass 3


8 ) South West North

1 Pass 3


1) Triple jump shift to the four level


2) Double jump shift at the four level


3) Jump shift at the three level


4) Jump shift at the two level


5) This is not a jump but a normal 2/1 response


6) This is not a change of suit and it is not the topic of this chapter


7) Double jump shift at the three level


8 ) Jump shift at the three level


The “Standard BBO Italia” System by Mario Martinelli – English edition by Laura Cecilia Porro for Neapolitan Club.

February 20, 2012

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