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The Scotland Camrose Team versus Neapolitan Club

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A team of Neapolitan Club Staff, with one pair playing the original Chiaradia’s Neapolitan Club System, is going tonight to friendly challenge the Scottish Team who will play the 2013 Camrose Trophy (today at BBO, Tuesday, 20;00 GMT, 21;00 CET). These are the players of the Italian Team: Patrizia Lo Martire, Fabio Colasante, Piero Millevoi, Laura Cecilia Porro, Catherine Gerrard, Enrico Paolo Garrisi (playing captain). Laura and Catherine also will play the next Lady Milne Trophy, in April.

It has to be said that Laura Cecilia Porro is Italian, from Milan, but she’s living in Scotland studying to become PhD, then with the right to enter the trials – and the skill to qualify, with Catherine – to 2013 Lady Milne Trophy (April 12-14, Novotel in Edinburgh Park).

Paul Gipson courtesy presents the Scottish team:

Our team is Samantha Punch (puncher) & Stephen Peterkin (spil) and Phil Stephens (phil_20686) and Alex Wilkinson (boltonian2) who will be representing Scotland in the Camrose Trophy in January.

Despite being the youngest Alex has already played in three Camrose series with two different partners and played at the Europeans. For Sam, Stephen and Phil it will be their Open debuts, although Sam has played in the Lady Milne team for the last four years and Phil has considerable Junior experience.

Alex and Phil have spent a lot of time developing their system and understand well the rigours of international bridge. The teams in the Camrose will hold no fears for them and I expect them to do well: their challenge is to maintain a consistently high standard and not have many ‘junior’ boards in the cauldron of battle.

Sam and Stephen are probably the least known partnership. Most know that Sam plays every hour that she can, but Stephen has often been in the background. But I know that they have the temperament. Their first serious game was when we all played the Nickell team in the Spingold a few years ago and, to be honest, their first sixteen boards were not good. However not everyone’s first taste of international play is against your hero, Bob Hamman, and Zia with a crowd of kibitzers. But the telling part was that we sent them right back in for the next sixteen, against the same pair, and they got all the imps back that they’d given away previously. More recently I know that they’ve spent a lot more time working on their game and winning the trials is testament to this work.

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December 18, 2012


The Scotland has won. After the first half the Scots led by 46-4; in this gap there is an unwise double by the Neapolitan Club’s Captain, Enrico Paolo Garrisi, over an harmless, vulnerable, 3♣, which has cost 13 imps (it was harmless until nobody would have double it; after has grown to 670). In the second half the Italian team has followed to fight gallantly, gaining a fine 41-15; not enough to win but just what needed to care the wounded pride . The final result has been 61-45 (boards: Scotland +11, -6, =7). [December 19, 2012]


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