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Steen Møller (1939 – 2014)

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Steen Moller (WBF)The greatest Danish bridgeplayer of all times, Steen Møller, passed away this week. His first international appearance in the Danish national team was in 1964, and the following 50 years he has been representing Denmark on several occasions in Open Teams and the latter years Senior Teams. In 1972 he started a very successful partnership with Stig Werdelin, and they were second to none in Denmark the following 10 years. Apart from domestic dominance, they had many strong international results, especially their triumph in Sunday Times Invitational and 2nd place EC in 79 are worth remembering. Later on in Steens bridgecareer, he formed partnerships with promising young Danish players, e.g Dennis Koch-Palmund and Lars Blakset, who both developed to some of Denmarks strongest international players.

At his death he was nr. 1 rank in all time masterpoints in Denmark.

I was very young and green, when I grabbed the opportunity to play a triangle with Steen and Stig Werdelin in early 90s, and apart from his obvious extraordinary bridge skills, more important I found a very good, generous and caring friend in Steen. He always took good care of all rookie-partners like me, and the hospitality of Kirsten and Steen had no limits. We only played two seasons but kept in touch and took up the partnership for old times sakes ten years later, where we managed to rewin the national open pairs 2004. Steen held an extremely high level throughout his life.

I feel privileged to have known Steen, one of the grand old men of our noble game. I’m sure many players, Danish as well as international friends, has a lot of great and happy memories with Steen, and we will always remember you with joy.

 Mathias Bruun


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