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Sabine Auken: Roy Welland can represent Germany in Opatija

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Welland - Auken (Elisabeth van Ettinger)Yesterday we published Nedju Buchlev’s objections to Roy Welland’s participation in the trials for the German open team for Opatija. These trials took place in Darmstadt, mid February. In fact Roy Welland together with his partner Sabine Auken won the trials and will represent Germany at the upcoming EC in June this year. Here is a reaction by Mrs. Auken to what Mr. Buchlev communicated to the bridge world:

“Mr. Buchlev was a losing finalist in the German trials for Opatija. We didn’t hear of any objections to Roy’s participation before the trials, but since then Mr. Buchlev seems to have been on a crusade against us. Perhaps he imagines if he gets us disqualified, he would be deemed the German representative (although I’m sure the team we defeated in the semi-final might raise an objection.)  His email is filled with incorrect statements, unfounded accusations and allegations he cannot prove. EBL has a list of criteria that must be satisfied in order to be recognized a bona fide resident. Roy has provided EBL with the required documentation (including the “Meldebescheinigung” Mr. Buchlev refers to in his email to Yves Aubry, it is dated December 16, 2011) based on which EBL has approved his eligibility.
I have no intentions of discussing the incorrectness of Mr. Buchlev’s various statements. But I would like to add that he is the same person that publicly accused Zia and me of cheating at the European Championships in Antalya after two horrible boards against us in the Mixed Pairs.”


 Jan van Cleeff for Neapolitan Club and NewInBridge

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