Lauria’s team won the 2013 Turkish Open Teams Championship

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TurkishOpen2013Lorenzo Lauria’s team (with Mustafa Cem Tokay, Alfredo Versace, Valerio Giubilo and Erkmen Aydogdu) won the Turkish Open Teams Championship in Antalya. The Turkish Open Championships started on Saturday, May 4th. The main events are Turkish Open Teams Championship and Turkish Open Pairs Championship. The events are open to foreign bridge players, so Turkey is happy of having guests from all over Europe.

The Open Teams started with a 3-day 11-round Swiss. After this stage, teams split into 4 different Swiss groups based on their rankings. They played 4 more rounds in 4th day. Top-8 teams of Group A and Top-2 teams of Group B advanced to the Championship Group for the final day. The group was played in Danish format (a Swiss format allowing teams play each other more than once).

Lauria team (Lorenzo Lauria, Valerio Giubilo, Alfredo Versace and Mustafa Cem Tokay) finished 3-day Swiss in 2nd place; however they did really well in 4th day and had a lead of 23 VPs before starting the Championship Group. Their good results continued and they had a comfortable win (with a lead of 21 VPs).

The final standings in the Open Teams:

  1. LAURIA 352VP

L. Lauria, M. Tokay, A. Versace, V. Giubilo, E. Aydogdu


C. Solakoglu, H. Goksu, E. Demiraslan, B. Baskan, I. Kandemir


Z. Senguler, T. Ozbey, U. Koc, C. Arigun, A. Aydin


Here is a few interesting deals from the tournament:

antalya 1


Versace chose to DBL instead of 2D and EW reached the unbeatable 4H contract and made it. The other table played 3NT and went down – 13 IMPs to Lauria team.



antayla 2

3C was showing hearts and 3D was showing exactly 2 cards in hearts. EW reached the lucky 4S contract. Giubilo won the diamond lead from dummy, played a spade and won the Queen with the Ace. He played another spade, won the club switch and discarded one of his clubs on the diamonds – making 4S = and winning 7 IMPs.



The tournament will continue with the BAM Teams and the Open Pairs.

The next big event in Turkey is Salvador Assael Invitational Bridge Tournament. This tournament will be played in Cesme between June 1 and June 6. You can get the details from:


Ovunc Yilmaz


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