Justin Lall: New partnership with Bob Hamman

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Most people have heard that starting in the summer of 2012 I will be playing with Bob Hamman. Our team will be Johnny Hurd, Joel Wooldridge, Shane Blanchard, and Bob Blanchard. For starters, I am really excited about this team, and I think it can be great. Joel and Johnny are extremely hot right now, Joel winning player of the year, and we have incredible chemistry which I believe matters a lot. Bob Blanchard has been a great player forever, and Shane is constantly improving, already having won an open national title. Of course, I am most excited about having the opportunity to play with Bob. He is the most successful player in history, and has always been my idol.

I believe I will learn a lot about the intangibles of the game by playing with him, I am going to learn how to be a winner from the greatest ever. And of course, I will learn a lot about the game itself, technique and judgement.

Some people have questioned whether I will still play *my* game or if I will be intimidated playing with Bob. It’s a reasonable question, but I posted in a blog post long ago that you have to be true to your game, even if you are on a big stage playing for big stakes, your game is what got you there. The reason someone great asks you to play is because they are impressed by your game. That is not the time to try and change completely. So while I think I will grow and evolve as a player with Bob, I definitely know that it’s my game that got me here and I will continue to play it and not be scared. I have played with Bob several times before, and this was never a factor.

The other common question is what system will we be playing. We are still undecided, though it will definitely be five card major based. We are going to practice in the Platinum Pairs in Memphis so presumably we’ll have it decided by then.

The most important thing to remember is I’m not just viewing this as a learning opportunity, I am ready to win now and I think our team is good enough to do it. I am really optimistic that we can put up some big results.
Justin Lall

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March 03, 2012

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