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trialsThe Italian Federation  (FIGB) has just issued an announcement about the trials which have to select the National Open Team which will participate to the next European Championship in Croatia (Optaija, June 21st-July 2nd 2014), and to the Rosenblum in World Bridge Series with the denomination of “Italy” (Sanya, China, October 10th-26th 2014).

The trials will take place in two stages: the first one from January 31st to February 2nd; the second stage schedule is still to be defined, as the format of playing, which will depend on the number of participants.

For the participation to both events, Rosenblum and Europeans, the Italian Federation (FIGB), will refund the costs to players as following: Registration fees; Economy Class journey; single room bed & breakfast; seventy euro daily for meals, sixty for Rosenblum.

If a team will participate to trials with four or five players, the Federation will complete it by players named by itself. Besides, the Federation will name the non playing captains. The captains could ask, for the participation of their respective event, the replacement of no more than two qualified players for each team; the substitutes will be picked up by the Federation.

The right earned by the trials is inalienable; in case of non participation to the respective championship of a qualified team, no other team will have the right to go, and it will be the Italian Federation only which will deliberate on participation.

In case that the Italian National Team which will play the Europeans would get the qualification to Bermuda Bowl, the players will not earn any right to participate even to it; it is only the Federation which can deliberate on the matter of the team which will play the World Championship.

Breaking News . About the team which will participate to trials, it is sure that Maria Teresa Lavazza will not register her team, but will go to Rosenblum as “Lavazza”. It implies that at least three out of the 2013 Bali’s Bermuda Bowl winners – Norberto Bocchi, Agustin Madala and Giorgio Duboin-  will not participate in the next European Championship.


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