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International Tournament Città di Roma Angelini: Golin is leading

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Angelini Roma 01Two teams are leading shoulder to shoulder the Città di Roma International Teams – Angelini Trophy: the “Nazionale Cantanti“, by Cristina Golin, Ruggero Guariglia, Simon Fellus,Alberto Sangiorgio, Furio Di Bello, Enrico Guerra,  and the White House Juniors, by Berend van den Bos, Joris Van Lankveld, Gerbrand Hop, Meike Wortel. The Dutch team is that who won the 2012 Juniors World Champions; Meike Wortel wasn’t with them, but is not fasting since long: she won the Mixed Transnational Teams at 2012 Lille World Bridge Games in Reese Milner’s Team (also playing in Roma now).

The yesterday’s first phase, by six eight-boards matches, has picked up ten teams to make the “A” series; thirty-eight will play the “B” series, and the remaining forty will make the “C” series. Today, starting from 14,30 CET, will be played four matches to determine which teams will go forward or will be dropped – from C to B and from B to A, and viceversa – to compose the final 16 team A series and the others.

In B series have remained several strong teams so far: between them there are Denmark, with Roy Welland and Sabine Auken, and Angelini, with Lauria and Versace. Their gap, however, is very narrow: only -1 for Denmark, 17th, and -5 for Angelini, 22nd (the VP transformation scale is the old 25-5).


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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