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Five Queens for Ostenda’s throne – Gabriella Olivieri

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Ostenda European Women Championship. Neapolitan Club has interviewed five women: Catherine D’Ovidio  (France), Sabine Auken  (Germany), Montserrat Mestres Rodriguez  (Spain), Gabriella Olivieri (Italy),Elena Mihova  (Bulgaria). One question per one player, five questions. All the players had to answer their own question; four of five have answered the others’ too. We’ll publish the individual questions in five days, each dedicated to one player. In the sixth day, the five champions shall answer a collective question.


The Italian Gabriella Olivieri comes from Alessandria in Piemonte: her ancestors stood up to the emperor Fredrick I von Swabia, called “The Barbarossa”. She and Gianna Arrigoni play a 5CM system with four card diamond, multicolor, asking relais and other conventions.


We ask: Gabriella, your partner has opened 1; the Barbarossa doubles – he’s sitting west – you redouble. How strong are you? Are you forcing to game or next, with good 12 HCP at least? Or are you just telling that your side has the majority, with 10 or more? Or have you given up strength redoubles after minors opening, for showing shape and suits?

Gabriella Olivieri replies: for me and my partner, the redouble is game inviting with support or game forcing without support.


About this, the others say:

Catherine D’Ovidio: For us, rdble means 10 HCP and more ; no 5 cards Major

Elena Mihova: Our style of redoubling is to show 11+ points and penalty over at least two suits. It’s not game force except when responder redoubles and follows with a new suit. Redouble means: partner, together we have more than 20 points.

Montserrat Mestres Rodriguez: I play the redouble like most showing a minimum of 10 points without support.

Sabine Auken (Germany): No comment.


The Italian Team: Gabriella Olivieri, Gianna Arrigoni, Cristina Golin, Simonetta Paoluzi, Marilina Vannuzzi, Annalisa Rosetta.


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