Dhampur Sugar Mills wins HCL Bridge Team Championship 2011

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Dhampur Sugar Mills wins HCL Bridge Team Championship 2011. In final, they beat Manyavar 169-120. The winners: Debbrat Majumder, Ashok Ku Goel, Suhas, Vaidya, Pritish Kushari, S.Mukherjee, Bhabesh Saha. Runners up: Rajesh Dalal, Raju Tolani, Ajay Khare, Anil P Padhey. Dhampur is a town in northern India, in Bijnor district, in the State of Uttar Pradesh. Its Bridge Team is sponsored by the Dhampur Sugar Mills LTD, one of the greater cane sugar and derivatives manufacturer.

Dhampur Sugar Mills won the round robin, then beat Team Andrey in quarter final and Formidables in semifinal; the latter is the team of Mrs Kiram Nadar, the sponsor of the event.

The Runner up takes the name, Manyavar, from its sponsor, an ethnic wear manufacturer: “If tradition means ethnic wear, ethnic men’s wear means Manyavar”, they say. Manyavar is in Kolkata, which name, in English, sounds as “Calcutta”.

The Dhampur Sugar Mills Team will represent India in Bermuda Bowl.

Tapan Roy and Satyabrata Mukherjee won the Neena Bonerjee Trophy (HCL Pair Tourney), with 60.20%. Runners up were Sudhir Aggarwal – Vinod Sharma (54.80); third placed were Pranab Bardhan – Subrata Saha with 54.50.



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