Bridge Big started beta version: Test players are invited to join

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Yesterday a new website called was launched. Right from a first look of the site and especially after reading the ‘about’ section you realize that Bridge Big is doing something that the bridge world has never yet seen. The Dutch start-up company set their mission to ‘spice up’ online bridge and “make bridge the most exciting activity on the web”.

 These are quite ambitious plans but it seems that they are on the right track. Backed by Zia  Mahmood, who joined the team as the platform ambassador, Bridge Big is planning to offer duplicate online bridge tournaments with significant prize money. They want to bring to bridge the same allure and ‘coolness’ that poker has today. Bridge Big is also planning to have a playing model similar to online poker, where each player ‘buys into’ a tournament and the best players of the tournament take home the money. Play on the site will always be individual and anonymous for security reasons. For more info on their long term plans you should check out their website

Currently the website is open to all players for beta testing. During the testing phase all play is for free. In the first few weeks of the beta there is simply one competition that players can join to win. At the end of each week Bridge Big will crown the three best players that collected the most IMPs. The main idea behind the beta testing is to create a platform that’s ready for primetime. All in all the beta testing period will cover several months. Bridge Big is encouraging players to send feedback and remarks in order to improve the website.

 It’s early, but Bridge Big already feels like a fresh new wind in the bridge world. If the company can realize their ambitious plans, we all might be in for a new era of (online) bridge.

 BridgeTopic’s Jan van Cleeff tried a few hands and was quite impressed: “The interface is very user friendly. And though Bridge Big exists one day only I already found people to play with on a decent level. Can’t wait to play for money!”


June 11, 2011

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